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+$200 Core Exchange Charge
Part# 07-00762
MFR Model# 149NL


"Featuring Sky-Tec’s Exclusive KPS® Kickback Protection System, Sky-Tec’s NL-series of starters fit all Lycoming powered aircraft. Unmatched duty cycle capabilities and durability on even the hardest starting 12V aircraft. Now available as factory original equipment on nearly all new Lycoming-powered airplanes. No other starter is manufactured to more exacting standards for quality, reliability and workmanship than Sky-Tec Lycoming starters. All NL-series starters are FAA-PMA certified as replacement parts for all non-geared, flat Lycoming engines. Sky-Tec NL-series starters fit without modification or 337 paperwork. At only 9.4 lbs., the NL-series is the lightest Bendix-free inline available. Generous two-year warranty."

Sky-Tech Recommended For Voltage Pitch
149-NL Lyc. 235, 290, 320, 340, 360, 540 12 Volt 12/14 (for 149- Tooth Ring Gears)
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My customer could not be happier with the starter.

Royalton A Verified Purchase


July 8, 2021

This is the best replacement for the old Bendix or the Sky - Tec permanent magnet starter.

Dale F Verified Purchase


July 7, 2021

It came. It fits. It works. I just wish I had known the new star washers ARE included. Ive got a few baggies of washers n bolts now that I dont really need.... ordered some to be sure we were covered. Add the included info to the product description for the next guy, please.

Caracole S Verified Purchase


June 7, 2021

Works beautifully, better value than OEM and lighter as well. Spruce delivered to the fuel island at corona airport, can’t get more convenient than that!

Ted M
April 16, 2021

Installed this starter on my Cessna 170B / Lycoming O-360-A4M. It easily fit with no baffle interference. This is not the type of starter that cranks super fast, but is faster and smoother than the stock Presolite type starter. Time will tell regarding longevity. Overall I like it.

Rob D
March 20, 2021

Great product, a joy to start the plane now.

Thomas B
December 20, 2020

Great replacement

Stewmon A
December 9, 2020

quality product

Warren S
November 30, 2020

Amazing starter, makes the old starter look pathetic when it was working, hot starts are no longer a issue as this starter turns the engine over so fast it has no option other than to start. Fantastic shipping time from aircraft spruce, was shipped 2 hours after ordered, and delivered into South Africa in 6 days.

Clive L
November 25, 2020

Always a great product.

James B
November 24, 2020


Q: How much does this starter weigh?

9.5 lbs.

Q: What is the current draw of the 149-NL?

125-220A @ 110V, 140 RPM Test.

Q: What is the duty cycle on the 12V 149-NL? I can only find it for the NLec starters.

Do not crank for more than 10 seconds, and allow 20 seconds of cool down time in between attempts. Repeat up to 6 times then allow starter to cool for 30 minutes.

Q: Can this Sky Tec 149 NL be used for 24V?

No, the 24V version is Part # 08-07059.

Q: Is there a gasket used when mounting this starter or is it mounted metal to metal?

No this is mounted metal to metal.

Q: Do you accept the core of the old starter for a refund?

Yes, the starter that is being replaced with this unit should be returned for core credit.

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