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From $508.00 to $569.00
Description Part Number Price Buy
SKY-TEC STARTER 12V 122-NL 07-00761 $508.00
SKY-TEC STARTER 12V 149-NL 07-00762 $508.00
SKY-TEC STARTER 12V 149-NLR 07-00763 $508.00
SKY-TEC STARTER 24V 122-NL/EC 08-07061 $565.00
SKY-TEC 24V STARTER 149-NL/EC 08-07059 $565.00
SKY-TEC STARTER 24V 149-NLR/EC 08-07060 $569.00
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"Featuring Sky-Tecs Exclusive KPS Kickback Protection System, Sky-Tecs NL-series of starters fit all Lycoming powered aircraft. Also available in Extended Cranking 24V SuperDuty versions /ec models (see table below). Unmatched duty cycle capabilities and durability on even the hardest starting 12V or 24V aircraft. Available as factory original equipment on nearly all new Lycoming-powered airplanes. No other starter is manufactured to more exacting standards for quality, reliability and workmanship than Sky-Tec Lycoming starters. All NL-series starters are FAA-PMA certified as replacement parts for all non-geared, flat Lycoming engines. Sky-Tec NL-series starters fit without modification or 337 paperwork. At only 9.4 lbs., the NL-series is the lightest Bendix-free inline available. Generous two-year warranty."

Sky-Tech Recommended For Voltage Pitch
122-NL Lyc 235, 290, 320, 360, 540, & 720 12 Volt (Also 24 Volt Switchable) 10/12 (for 122- Tooth Ring Gears)
149-NL Lyc. 235, 290, 320, 340, 360, 540 12 Volt (Also 24 Volt Switchable) 12/14 (for 149- Tooth Ring Gears)
149-NLR Lyc. LIO-320, LO- 360, LTO-360, LIO-360, LHIO- 360, & LTIO-540 12 Volt (Also 24 Volt Switchable) 12/14 (for 149- Tooth Ring Gears)
122-NL/ec Lyc. 235, 290, 320, 360, 540, & 720 24 Volt Super Duty 10/12 (for 122- Tooth Ring Gears)
149-NL/ec Lyc. 235, 290, 320, 340, 360, 540 & 24 Volt Super Duty 12/14 (for 149- Tooth Ring Gears)
149-NLR/ec Lyc. LTIO-540 24 Volt Super Duty 12/14 (for 149- Tooth Ring Gears)


  • Click here to download the Aircraft Fit Guide in pdf for recommended model for your aircraft application
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Had quick reaction time, well packaged, and arrived when predicted.

Christopher B
January 13, 2020

Great starter. It turns over almost fast enough the fly the plane. Starting is now a breeze, even hot starts.

Steven L
August 19, 2019

Well packaged, easy to install, and runs great.

Robert C
August 10, 2019

I received it in 2 days. Went on easy and worked great. Only had it on my plane for little over week. But so far so good.

Ricky L
July 27, 2019

fast delivery, works perfectly

James F
February 15, 2019

Has breathed new life into our 0-320-E2D on our C-172M! Old starter was tired so this upgrade was needed. Very pleased!

Stephen H
February 2, 2019

I put this starter on my Piper Pacer knowing full well that Id have to modify the forward oil cooler bracket, Installation was straight forward, and the bracket was easy to modify. The thing cranks the engine over like crazy, weighs 8 LBS less than the original Delco-Remy, and allows me to blank off the hole in the nose bowl for the original starter.....whats not to like about this? My 2 cents....Just buy one and install it..........

Forrest M
November 21, 2018

I installed this starter on my Lycoming IO-360 engine at the recommendation of my mechanic and I have to admit it is amazing. I was getting so tired of having a hard time starting especially when the eng. is hot. This starter rotates engine so fast and effortlessly making starting so much easier. I highly recommend it.

Robert G
November 1, 2018

Easy to swap out after getting the air box out of the way on a Mooney.

Paul H
May 1, 2018

Lighter, more powerful, easier to install. Fantastic product.

Daniel R
March 24, 2018


Q: What is the published replacement time for the Sky-tec 149-NL starter? I have 2700 hours of aircraft operation listed on one of our 5 aircraft but cannot find where this requirement originated from.

Yes, the TBO would be 2700 hours. This is recommended but not required.

Q: Does the 149-NL come with an FAA 8130-3?

This does not come with an 8130. To get an 8130, the customer would have to backorder this part and specify that they need an 8130. The vendor will add this to the part for an additional charge. They will only issue 8130's before the the part leaves their facility. Once the part has left their facility they are no longer able to get an 8130 on that unit.

Q: Is there any routine lubrication required for these Sky-Tec high-torque Lycoming starters? If so what is the interval, what is the recommended lubricant and what is the procedure?

No periodic maintenance or lubrication is required.

Q: Would a LW-15572 starter be an acceptable core return for a Sky-Tec 149-NLEC (08-07059)?

No. The Sky-Tec starter 149-NLEC (part # 08-07059) is a new, outright starter and there is no core charge / core exchange associated with it's purchase.

Q: For p/n:149-NL/EC is this new or oh/exchange?

This is new, outright.

Q: What is the post/terminal/lug size for landing the power cable?

Per the SkyTec Supplementary Instructions, the power terminal is metric M8 x 1.25 threads. The starter will come with the nut and lock washer.

Q: What is the difference between 149-NL and 149NLR starters? What does the R mean?

The 149NL is a right hand rotation and the 149NLR is left.

Q: Whats the difference between NL-149 and a NL/EC- 149?

The EC models are 24 volt only and are extended cranking super duty starters.

Q: Is there any available STC for 122/149nl starters?

They are FAA/PMA, all the PMA information is avialable on the Hartzell website.

Q: What does it mean to have a PMA starter?

PMA refers to the FAA-PMA approval that these starters have. This approval allows for installation into certificated aircraft. Please contact your parts manual for clarification on which starter can be installed legally in your specific aircraft.

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