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Part# 08-00610
MFR Model# 14100


Use the Cool-It Mat to battle excessive heat and noise that penetrate the driver compartment through the firewalls and floorboards. It is also perfect in doors, under hoods, and above transmission housings.

The Cool-It Mat is composed of resin-bonded silica blanketing insulation sandwiched between a Mylar facing on one side and a foil facing on the other. The highly-reflective Mylar reflects heat up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit away from surfaces, while the foil side is orientated away from the heat source to conduct any penetrating heat across its surface thus providing the ultimate in heat protection.

The silica blanketing is a dual-density composite and is the main sound insulator. It is easy to trim and can be applied with the push-in fasteners provided or any weather strip adhesive. Available in three convenient sizes, including a 50' roll, Cool-It Mat is about 1/2" thick.


  • 24" x 48" x 1/8" thick
  • Temperature range of insulation: 400 degrees F
  • Temperature range of foil: 1200-1500 degrees F
  • Weight: 14.5oz Square yard
  • Weight per square foot is .34 of a pound
  • Thermal conductivity rating of .270 Btu/hr.ft.degF @ 75 degrees F
  • Thermal resistance rating R of .92 (m2K)/W
  • Noise reduction: 3-5 db
  • Bulk density is 1.84 pounds
  • Flammability: MD 4.0 in/min max and CMD 4.0 in/min max


Chose this product because it was thicker that others providing not only heat deflection but insulation as well. Installed forward of the firewall. Helped a lot! Cooler cabin, seems to be durable enough to last. Time will tell.

Tom F
July 21, 2018


Q: What are the dimensions of the mat?

24" x 48" x 1/4" thick.

Q: What is the temperature range of this Cool It Mat?

Per the supplier: Temperature range of insulation is 400 degrees F and Temperature range of foil is 1200-1500 degrees F.

Q: Is this insulation FAA approved for certified aircraft? Looking to install in a Beech Sundowner. How much does it weigh?

This is not FAA approved. It is intended for experimental aircraft use. A 24" x 48" piece will weight about 2lbs.

Q: Is the Thermo Tec Cool-it mat self adhesive?

No. The Cool-It does not have self-adhesive.

Q: Which side of the Thermo-Tec Cool It mat goes toward the firewall, the quilted side or the other?

The foil side is for heat deflection from the heat source, so the other side would be against the firewall, and foil side to the engine.

Q: Clarification required on previous question. The original question was: Which side of the Thermo-Tec Cool It mat goes toward the firewall, the quilted side or the other? The answer given said put the foil side towards the engine. Both sides are foil. However, one is quilted. So going back to the original question: Which side of the Thermo-Tec Cool It mat goes toward the firewall, the quilted side or the other?

Either side will work well. We typically suggest facing the smooth side towards the heat source since it is a mylar (nonconductive) foil.

Q: Which side of the firewall should the mat be installed, engine side or cabin side?

This can be installed on the engine side as long as the foil is pointing outwards. The foil side will have a temperature rating of 1200-1500 degrees.

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