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FAA-PMA APPROVED for Certified Aircraft

Intermittent Duty, (Starter Solenoid). Available in 12V or 24V. Activation: +V to S-Terminal.
(Frame is grounded by mounting).


  • Silver contacts provide 300A in-rush capability. Much higher than the original units.
  • Strong spring and high-current coil for quick contact opening - minimizing arcing
  • Single coil terminal (other end connected to case).


  • FAA-PMA Certified - stop using automotive parts and operating in the 'gray area' (aka. non-conformance) of the FAR's!
  • Lamar High Quality Manufacturing designed to take the beating our piston aircraft dish out
  • Upgraded to perform best with today's lightweight, high torque starters
  • Not automotive store parts with extra mystery terminals
  • Same OE terminal layout used for decades on our aircraft - simple to install
  • Silver contacts (vs. copper) for high-current capability and long-life
  • All-metal case construction
  • Current draw: 2.9 amps.
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Gene C Verified Purchase


June 16, 2021

Great product. Quick and easy install with very good instructions.

Kirkpatrick D
May 6, 2021

Perfect - as needed and on time.

December 15, 2020

Installed in a PA-32 (Cherokee 6). Fit and functioned perfectly.

John H
December 11, 2020

I believe this is a better quality starter than the one I had in my Beechcraft A35. The only issue I ran into is that the mounting holes had to be reamed because my firewall mounting is narrower than the smallest spacing on the Solenoid. I needed to gain about 1/3 inch in order to mount it. Also even though it is intuitive the instruction does not mention that the ground wire should mount to a mounting screw.

John F
October 6, 2020

Installed in a 1966 PA28-140. Fit perfectly without any modifications and works as advertised

Rick S
September 22, 2020

I needed a relay. I bought this one. It works.

Dennis M
August 24, 2020

Shipped fast on time— fits— works — hope it lasts as long as original Bakelite solenoid— should order diode at same time : )

August 13, 2020

great service

Andrew G
July 27, 2020

Solenoid worked fine.

Paul Y
July 25, 2020


Q: How much does this Sky-Tec Starter solenoid weigh?

Without packaging, solenoid by itself weighs approx 1 lbs.The solenoid weighs 1.2 lbs with packaging.

Q: I am replacing the original starter on my 1967 Cessna 150G with a Skytec kit Kcst2. Which Skytec solenoid should I order?

For a 12V system see part number 07-03562. For a 24V system see part number 07-03563.

Q: Why is this Sky-Tec starter solenoid intermittent?

Starter solenoids / relays are intermittent, and Master solenoids / relays are continuous.

Q: What size are the terminal studs on STS-S12 starter solenoid?

5/16" on the main studs and there is a small stud that is 3/16".

Q: What is the distance between mounting holes?

2-1/4" hole center to hole center.

Q: Does this solenoid have an internal diode? The solenoid that I am replacing looks like it has a diode in the wire that goes from the S terminal to the mounting bolt.

There is no internal diode. These do not need a diode to function properly, but we always recommend hooking the new contactor up the exact way the old one was connected.

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