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FAA-PMA APPROVED for Certified Aircraft

Intermittent Duty, (Starter Solenoid). Available in 12V or 24V. Activation: +V to S-Terminal.
(Frame is grounded by mounting).


  • Silver contacts provide 300A in-rush capability. Much higher than the original units.
  • Strong spring and high-current coil for quick contact opening - minimizing arcing
  • Single coil terminal (other end connected to case).


  • FAA-PMA Certified - stop using automotive parts and operating in the 'gray area' (aka. non-conformance) of the FAR's!
  • Lamar High Quality Manufacturing designed to take the beating our piston aircraft dish out
  • Upgraded to perform best with today's lightweight, high torque starters
  • Not automotive store parts with extra mystery terminals
  • Same OE terminal layout used for decades on our aircraft - simple to install
  • Silver contacts (vs. copper) for high-current capability and long-life
  • All-metal case construction
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Flawless operation 700+ hrs FYI. A weak or defective battery can cause solenoid contacts to stick, be sure to confirm battery health when replacing a “defective” solenoid.

Doug C
December 29, 2019

Direct replacement for Cessna starter solenoid. The original had on three connections, the ground connection was simply the case. This version did not pose any installation problems, the ground wire was included and simply connected to one of the mounting bolts.

Joshua M
September 5, 2019

worked great. Had a question on how to install. There are two different ways to connect one of the wires that comes with it. Called the Lamar company for technical information and they helped out. Great product.

Joseph M
August 22, 2019

I always buy Sky Tec solenoids they are a great product.

John D
November 16, 2018

This product fit in the mount and to this point accomplishes the intended task at a fraction of the cost of the OEM part.

July 20, 2018

Installed easily. Fit the original footprint and post layout. Starter spins better now than I can ever remember. First rate product.

April 28, 2018

cheaper and better quality than the OEM recommended part. I recommend this for anyone looking for a starter solenoid.

February 10, 2018

Bought it with Sky-tec starter

September 30, 2017

Fit perfectly in my C150L. I only replaced it last week but so far so good.

Dean G
July 6, 2017

Used to replace Piper part- Good unit.

David B
May 14, 2020


Q: How much does this Sky-Tec Starter solenoid weigh?

Without packaging, solenoid by itself weighs approx 1 lbs.The solenoid weighs 1.2 lbs with packaging.

Q: I am replacing the original starter on my 1967 Cessna 150G with a Skytec kit Kcst2. Which Skytec solenoid should I order?

For a 12V system see part number 07-03562. For a 24V system see part number 07-03563.

Q: Why is this Sky-Tec starter solenoid intermittent?

Starter solenoids / relays are intermittent, and Master solenoids / relays are continuous.

Q: What size are the terminal studs on STS-S12 starter solenoid?

5/16" on the main studs and there is a small stud that is 3/16".

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