Throttle Control Lever

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Part# 15-05174
MFR Model# 0211840


The perfect answer to any throttle and choke operation. The compact cast aluminum control allows easy access for standard casing and 1/16 control wire. Eliminates the need for expensive and bulky quadrants that require special mounting and end fittings. Block is countersunk to accept throttle casing as shown. Inner wire wraps smoothly around wheel providing a full 2 travel (Bing Carbs need 1 1/2 travel) in less than 1/2 revolution of the handle. Set screw shown firmly anchors wire. Back up swage makes for a fail-safe and completely variable length and design. Precision tension adjusting makes for a throttle that positively stays where you set it.

Mounts to any 3/16 or 6mm fasteners.
Bolt centers are 1 7/8 Handle measures 3 long.
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


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Ole H Verified Purchase


July 1, 2021

Precisely what I was looking for.

Dave L
December 7, 2020

Its hard to believe, in this era of marginal Chinese knockoffs, that real quality products are still available. This Magura piece has smooth and precise action and obvious quality. 5 stars easy!

Van B
June 8, 2019

Upon further examination it looks like it designed for a tractor configuration where the throttle cable comes from the front rather than the rear like in a pusher config. No good for a pusher unless the cable is long enuf to swing around and enter it from the front.

Gerald W
January 18, 2018


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Q: How much does this unit weigh?

Approx 0.25 lbs

Q: Does the round part of the lever have teeth that grab and move the cables gear pin?

It does not have teeth, its a friction lock set up.

Q: How long is the handle? 3 maybe?

The lever handle is approx 2.25 inches.

Q: Can this be mounted on either side of the cockpit?

Yes, this unit does not have a left of right option, and can be installed where needed.

Q: Will this work with a .047 brake cable and housing? (Typical bicycle brake cable)

Its designed to be used with 1/16 able so I cant say for sure but it would probably work with the bike cable.