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Part# 11-14298


GenniPod wind driven generator system for Light Experimental and Ultralight aircraft.

The original GenniPod Gen II was designed with the specification of providing approximately 4 amps of 12VDC power while flying at 75mph. The GenniPod Gen II Is currently installed on slower flying designs that fly at lower speeds, like on a Milholland Double Eagle (as well as many other designs world wide) to keep the battery system charged that supplies the ignition power for the distributor.

The primary improvement on the GenniPod Gen II is the impeller running smoother. Having fewer parts, high quality molding, and less mass, it has proved to be a very smooth and dependable operating addition. This impeller may be reversed to enhance its ability to provide better torque at lower speeds for some of the slower flying designs.

See “Alternate Items” for other Products offered by Aircraft Spruce that work with the GenniPod Gen II.


  • Regulator: Max Input 55 VDC / Max Output 13.5 Volt
  • Regulator: 1 oz
  • Impeller: 3 oz
  • Generator Body 2 lbs 4.5 oz
  • Total Weight: 2 lbs 8.5 oz


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Installed on the wing strut of Stitts Flut R Bug. Works great voltage 13.5 to 13.6. Powers LED strobe and Nav lights, Comm radio and EFIS with no drain on the battery. No noticeable vibration or yaw and no significant speed decrease at cruise.

Michael C
May 7, 2018

This turned out to be the perfect solution for electrifying my FlyBaby. Local hops were no problem but any serious travelling meant having to stop after 5 or 6 hours to recharge the handheld and the lithium pack for the transponder. Now I can go all day powering the MGL V10, Sandia STX165 and NavStobe lights.

Ian C
March 4, 2018


Q: What is the blade diameter?

The blade diameter is 5".

Q: Is the Gennipod water resistant?

It is somewhat water resistant. Should you wash the aircraft or get caught in the rain, it would be fine.

Q: Do you sell spare parts for this gennipod?

No, we do not carry the spare parts as off-the-shelf items. We may be able to special order them for you, so please contact our sales team for a special order quote.

Q: How much airspeed does the gennipod need to work?

Please review the Product Manual in the Documents section for operational details and specs.

Q: Will the GenniPod II charge lithium batteries without any problems? Even if fully discharged to 10.3v?

Per the manufacturer the battery does not affect the function of the unit as long as it is connected properly, per the manual.