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All new design is engineered specifically for aviation offers:
  • FAA approved for many certificated aircraft
  • Higher reliability
  • Lighter weight
  • Significantly improved electrical output at low engine RPM's
  • Vastly Improved electrical performance
Included in these STC'D kits is a new Plane Power alternator, Plane Power voltage regulator, hardware, and mounting brackets needed for replacing that old, heavy, low-output generator with a new Plane Power Alternator!
(Twin-engine kits include two of each)
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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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12/14 volt, 50 amp, replaces Generators on Small Block Continental Equipped Aircraft (view our Model Eligibility for fit information) Installation Instruction
Generator Conversion kit for single-engine 12/14 volt belt driven Continental Engines. (view our Model Eligibility for fit information) Installation Instruction

Generator Conversion kit for single-engine 12/14 volt belt driven Lycoming Engines. (view our Model Eligibility for fit information) Installation Instruction

Generator Conversion kit for twin-engine 12/14 volt belt driven Lycoming Engines. (view our Model Eligibility for fit information) Installation Instruction

Generator Conversion kit for twin-engine 24/28 volt belt driven Continental Engines. (view our Model Eligibility for fit information) Installation Instruction

TAL 24-70
TAL 24-70
Generator Conversion kit for twin-engine 24/28 volt belt driven Lycoming Engines. (view our Model Eligibility for fit information) Installation Instruction

Core Return Policy

Any unit being returned for core or warranty core credit shall be, as removed from the engine, complete and not disassembled. No core or warranty core credit will be allowed for automotive units. Units that are rusty or cannot be overhauled for any reason will be classified as scrap, having no value. Units which have been weld repaired, as well as units which have been disassembled and then reassembled with old parts, will also be classified as scrap, having no value. A percentage of the core value will be charged for all missing or damaged parts. At no time will the damaged or missing parts charge on any unit exceed the core value of that unit.

1. Core will only be accepted for credit 12 months from date of invoice.
2. Cores returned in excess of cores invoiced will not be accepted.
3. Cores must be of like purchase, a directly superseded unit or replaced unit when installing an STC'd product.
4. Competitive product cores are acceptable returns.
5. Cores must have a legible data tag for part and serial number verification.

Note: Customer will need to provide core for overhaul in the event our supplier does not have cores available to overhaul.


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I ordered this on a Tuesday and it arrived on Wednesday. The kit is nice and installation was easy. The bad part was that the regulator was defective from the factory. Plane power was helpful and shipped one out overnight air and I got it the next day. This still required a 150 mile roundtrip for me to install it again, and an extra hour of my A&Ps time to get it running. After that it seems to be working. I hope the new regulator hold up.

Mike E Verified Purchase


March 29, 2023

quality product and fast delivery

Lumanair A
January 24, 2020

Better then I expected.

Matt S
September 16, 2019

Great product easy installation

William P
July 21, 2019

Installed this in a 1957 172 with O300 that had a generator. I like to fly at night and taxiing with all the lights and strobes running, near idle, will drain your battery in a blink of an eye. Bought this kit for around $800 when my antique $400 regulator died. It was either spend $400 to get back to square 1, or spend $800 and get brand new technology. A&P and I installed together. Installation was pretty easy. Access was easier than any car alternator Ive done. Hardest part was knocking a stubborn, but required bushing off the generator shaft, that was needed for the alt shaft. Plenty of instructions and diagrams, made wiring easy. Included regulator is light-years ahead of what it replaced. Did need to buy a few separate parts for this. I forget what, but its listed in the online install instructions. Youll need wire and circuit breakers, too. Spruce had everything in stock. Alternator comes alive around 600-700 rpm, much better than the gen at well over 1000 rpm. Voltage is rock solid in flight or on the ground, with literally everything running. Voltage adjustment is super easy. Weight savings was over 6 lbs. I did put an alternator noise filter on it, thinking it would reduce some static I hear at idle. I think it ended up being in the intercom, though.

July 13, 2016

Best conversion for my N35 bonanza with IO 470. Removed the old conversion that continued to show me signes older technologys proove why we need innovations in Gereral aviation. Install took 2 hours, due to, I change all the wiring. (Would have been less than 1 hour). 1 issue was the center thru bolt clearance on the engine bracket. Had to grind 0.080 slot adjacent to bolt head to allow bolt rotation for tightening this bolt. (Very minor blending though) . Alternator performance is excellent. Voltage regulator is simple and had spot on voltage, extremely stable. I should of installed this conversion a long time ago.

Chris G
August 10, 2017

The kit is as advertised. All you need. The pulley is narrower than stock and the belt rides high with a stock 31.19 Continental belt. This is my only concern.

Browns A
January 14, 2018

Im in the process of installing on my PA-20 and Ive run into two issues so far: 1) Some of the parts didnt fit and needed adjustment to work. Specifically, the aluminum spacer (PN 10-1009) wouldnt fit in the alternators housing. I suspect that there was too much pressure from the tailstock when this part was turned on a lathe, which caused the end to flair out. It was bad enough that I had to chuck it in my own lathe to fix it. It was an easy fix for me, but would have been frustrating without a lathe. Regardless, I shouldnt have to fix ANYTHING if Im spending $1500 for this product. 2) The kit included ring terminals but they are too small to fit the studs on the alternator. It looks like the ring terminals are for #6 screws but the terminals on the alternator look to be #8. I am frustrated that I have to put the install on hold until the correct terminals arrive in the mail. For $1500, Id expect that the manufacturer would kit the correct components to complete the install.

Scott M
September 4, 2023

Despite calling Hartzell engine tech. And ordering the suggested kit it was missing parts, and doesnt fit the product disription

Jake S Verified Purchase


October 21, 2021

Ordered kit to replace generator system with alternator system in a PA 30 B. Kit showed up without alternator brackets. After install system didnt work and discovered new version of instructions changed and not accurate wrt wiring. Also instructions so generic they were basically useless. Took scores of shop hours to rectify. Then we discovered the props had to be dropped to replace belts that were shorter for new alternators. Absolutely no mention of this in the instructions.. extremely disappointed and costly mistake buying this kit. And of course no offer of help from plane power.

Randy J
January 27, 2021


Please note, Aircraft Spruce's personnel are not certified aircraft mechanics and can only provide general support and ideas, which should not be relied upon or implemented in lieu of consulting an A&P or other qualified technician. Aircraft Spruce assumes no responsibility or liability for any issue or problem which may arise from any repair, modification or other work done from this knowledge base. Any product eligibility information provided here is based on general application guides and we recommend always referring to your specific aircraft parts manual, the parts manufacturer or consulting with a qualified mechanic.

Q: Do these kits use the existing belt from the generator or does it need another size?

Per the supplier, the existing belt can be used.

Q: Regarding Plane Power Generator to Alternator Kits: Do these come with a belt or do you use the current belt?

Per the supplier, customer will use their current belt.

Q: Does the SAL 12-70 kit come with all necessary STC paperwork?

Yes, the STC paperwork is included in the box.

Q: I have a SAL12-70C kit alredy installed and i need a spare replacement alternator ( not a complete kit but only the item Part No. 10-1050C as listed in the STC). Can you supply only the alternator?

Yes, we offer it as part number 07-17758 ( HARTZELL PLANE POWER ALTERNATOR ONLY 10-1050C ).

Q: What circuit breakers are required with the SAL12-70C?

Per supplier: If original output circuit breaker is rated at less than 70-amps and you wish to be able to utilize the increased capacity of the alternator, remove the breaker and replace with suitable breaker up to 70amp maximum size. Ensure wire size from alternator output terminal to output circuit breaker and from output circuit breaker to bus is rated for more than the size of breaker installed per AC43.13-1B.

Note: If aircraft has been equipped with an Amp Meter, ensure that it is of adequate size to handle the increased output capability before increasing the output wire and breaker

We do not supply circuit breakers in the kits.

If he has a lower amp rated breaker currently installed, he can continue to use it but alternator output will be limited to the amp rating of that breaker.

Q: Would I be correct to assume that the SAL12-70 kit would be used to replace an Inter Av alternator using the Inter Av alternator Bracket for a Lycoming engine. Thank you.

No, the SAL12-70 kit would replace the InterAv kit including the brackets and hardware. Be just like starting over and assuming the generator was still installed.

Q: Does ER14-50 comes with STC paperwork included in the box?

Yes it is included as well as it is available on the manufactures website.

Q: Is my generator considered a adequate core for exchange or do you only accept alternators?

Hartzell will accept that as a core as long as the data plate can be read.

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