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Part# 08-04958
MFR Model# DL-025 RIGHT


This box was developed for builders who want a simple, light, all-stainless box that will fit in tight places, as it does not extend forward of the firewall as far as a standard box. Every part of the tri-box is stainless; including bushings, rivets, etc. It is furnished with a closed-cell silicone gasket. Weight is 9.6 ounces.
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Q: Part number for this heat box shows a right hand the left hand model available?

Yes, the left hand model can be special ordered. Please contact our sales department for current pricing and availability on the left hand model and to place the special order.

Q: Do you have the overall dimensions of this box or possibly an installation drawing? Need to plan on these or fabricating my own left & right for a Murphy Rebel.

The firewall mounting plate has dimensions of 5.125" x 3.25". The shaft extends 3/4" out of the box with an arm that measures 1.375". The apex of the box measures 2.75" perpendicular to the firewall.

Q: What size hose is this for?

This box uses 2 inch SCAT ducting.

Q: What are the dimensions mounting hole to hole?

The firewall has 2 O.D. tube. From the edge of the tube to the center of the mounting hole measures 25/32 on one end and measures 1-51/64 on the other end. The mounting holes are 3/16 diameter. This photo shows a left Tribox. The right Tribox has the same dimensions but the shaft extends with the arm out of the opposite side.

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