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CL1000A-STC Oil Filter Housing Kit with CH48109-1 Filter
CL1000A-STC Oil Filter Housing Kit with CH48108-1 Filter
CL1000A-STC Adapter ONLY for Retrofit Lycoming Engine Models: 0-235, 0-290, (O, GO, GSO -425), (IGO, IGSO -480), (O, IO, HIO, TIO, AEIO, LTIO -540), IO-720 (O, IO, LIO, AIO, AEIO, -320), (O, IO, LIO, HO, HIO, TIO, AIO, AEIO -360) with 2/MAG & 2 Drive ONLY
Oil Filter Housing Kit with CH48109-1 Filter
Oil Filter Housing Kit with CH48108-1 Filter
Adapter ONLY (no filter)
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The Casper Labs "full flow" vertical oil filter kit is designed to provide Lycoming Engine owners several improvements over the standard Lycoming oil screen or filter hardware. This device locates the filter in the vertical plane for two unique advantages.
    1) The filter is in "free" space, permitting installation with tight engine to firewall clearance (that would otherwise be limited to an oil screen).

    2) The filter is easily accessible without contortions or broken knuckles.

    3) When it is time for filter changes, a prick punch in the top of the filter allows oil to drain back to the sump such that none is spilled during removal. No accessory case, lower cowl, or nose gear cleanup is required after filter removal.
The unit has no moving parts and requires no maintenance. Standard aviation filters are compatible. The oil filter fits most every Lycoming engine with two separate magnitos and can be installed with a quarter inch drive ratchet, two box end wrenches, and a pair of pliers for safety wire. Temperature probe hardware transfers directly from the present screen housing or OEM filter adapter. Installation is strictly "bolt on" as no interference exists with standard engine accessories (including vacuum pad drive alternators) and baffling. A robust and accessible anchor for filter safety wire makes securing an easy task.

Note: Verify the adapter and filter fit in the engine compartment before bolting the unit on to the case.

Kits Include:

  • Filter (some kits do NOT include a filter: see descriptions for details)
  • Housing
  • O-Ring and Washers, seal rings, gasket & installation manual
  • Accessories
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Very nicely machined part, nice fit and easy to install. You will need an AN823-8 elbow fitting for the oil cooler hose, this is in the instructions. If you position the elbow down and inboard the hose will just clear the magneto and the adaptor and the filter, it is close but they dont touch and dont interfere. Filter change is much easier than with the OEM adaptor.

Nw A
April 20, 2021

Works great!

Todd T
January 21, 2021

Well made and designed.

April 1, 2020

Installed on a Piper Colt with a Lycoming O-290-D2. The install was easy and the fit great with the quality of the kit being top notch. A MUST: Call Casper Labs prior to your install. They actually want you to call them because there are so many variations and applications regarding aircraft engines and they will tell you exactly what you need for your specific application. Chances are that you will talk to Bill, who has many years of experience with the extensive knowledge to match. He spent about 30 minutes over two calls with me, told me exactly what I needed for my kit and explained it all in detail. I am extremely pleased and highly recommend this high quality kit. The customer service is fantastic!

Stuart L
February 3, 2020

Outstanding support answering my questions with details and instructions from Bill.

Dave P
August 26, 2019

Excellent adapter! Easy to install. In my Lancair, with very low cowling clearances, I used a K&N HP-1002 filter, Caspers recommendation. Clearance to the oil line is tight. I already had a 90 degree fitting on it, needed to rotate the hose out of the way.

Joe W
January 7, 2019

Excellent quality and works as advertised. Installed easily on Citabria 7GCAA w/O-320B@B. I'm always skeptical about how well a product performs vs what they advertise. On the first oil change I punched a back drain hole on the bottom of the filter and let it drain back to the sump. When I removed the filter it didn't spill a drop. That is nice. No mess at all.

Kurt E
July 24, 2014

Very clean installation! No hose fabrication or holes to be drilled. Just torque it down and you're good to go! Great angle for catching oil during oil changes too.

Copaair M
May 16, 2013

Probably one of the easiest mods I have performed on an aircraft. Bolted right on to a Lyc O-320 without any issues at all!

Andy W
January 18, 2013

I installed PN 08-01236 (with the shorter CH48108-1 filter) on my 1967 7KCAB Citabria with an IO-320E2A. It was a snug fit but no additional parts were required. Some things to consider: - There is minimal clearance between the adapter and the tach cable, about 1/8 at the front of the adapter where it has been milled to accommodate the connector, and about 3/16 between the adapter and tach cable at the rear of the adapter - once the adapter is installed, there was just barely clearance to install the vernatherm (coming up from the bottom) in the adapter, and you might want to fit it in place before you bolt the adapter to the case - we had to rotate a 45 degree fitting for an oil line to get clearance for the filter itself, and - we wrapped that line with sacrificial tape to prevent it rubbing against the filter. (Ideally that line could be about an inch longer to clear the filter without excessive hose flop.) I gave it 4 stars for the ambiguity in the installation.

Larry V
November 16, 2020


Q: What is the difference between part numbers 08-01237 and 08-01236?

The only difference is that 08-01237 comes with a Champion CH48109-1 Oil Filter and 08-01234 comes with a Champion CH481081 Oil Filter. The STCd Adapter is the same for both kits.

Q: What is the adapter of this Casper Labs oil filter housing made of? Is it machined or cast?

The adapter is made of aluminum and it is a cast part.

Q: 08-00976, casper labs filter housing: What is the height above the engine of the filter? B&C 08-00196, spec's this as 1.75 inches

Per the supplier: With a CH48108-1 filter, the top will be virtually even with the top of the crankcase split line just forward of the accessory case.

Q: Does the Casper Labs No Spill Oil Filter Housing come with a new accessory case gasket?

Per the supplier: Yes, it has a small parts kit included with all the seals / gaskets required for a standard installation. The gasket is unique to the Casper Labs housing.

Q: Pls confirm the Casper labs Oil filter conversion covers PA18-150. Is there a copy of the STC and installation documentation on-line? thanks and regards Tim

Per the supplier: The filter kit fits the PA-18, minor add'l small parts may be needed depending on configuration. The 0-320 is listed on the STC's approved model list. We have fitted hundreds of these PA-18's. The STC (SE01930NY) is available (unsigned) on FAA.gov. The installation manual is available for $6.50 by priority mail. No electronic copies are available.

Q: Does the Casper Labs STCd Adaptor fit the stock Super Cubs split Oil/Temp gauge Temperature bulb sensor -or is an adaptor required? (please answer this Question in the online Q+A for the benefit of other Cub owners. Thanks!)

Per Casper Labs: the standard dual oil pressure/temperature gauge in the Piper Cubs requires an adapter P/N# 95527. If the gauge was overhauled at some point, it was properly refitted with different end fittings (shorter). These require a different adapter. These would be available only through Casper Labs direct.

Q: Whats the difference between 08-00977 and 08-00976?

The only difference is the filter that is included with the shipment. 08-00977 includes a Champion CH48109-1 oil filter and 08-00976 includes a Champion CH48108-1 oil filter.

Q: Does part # 08-01094 include all gaskets, fittings & oil filter for an IO-360? If not, what items would I need to complete the oil filter housing change including filter?

Per Vendor: The kit includes all gaskets, seals, and washers for a basic installation. Since the kit fits 8 different engine sizes, more than 100 different aircraft applications, and 60 years of engine production configurations,......there are no guarantees the basic kit will be enough. We encourage buyers to contact before purchase to dialogue the specific nature of their application. We stock an extensive list of small parts to complete every configuration we are aware of.

Q: How do I know which filter to buy CH48108-1 or CH48109-1 ? I have a Lycoming O-360-A1A installed in a Cessna Skyhawk (180hp Conversion).

It may call for a certain one on the conversion STC, but they are basically the same filter but the CH48109-1 is just a little longer. You must verify the currently installed filter model to ensure ordering the correct replacement.

Q: What veratherm is required?

Lycoming has used only one Vernatherm valve across all engine sizes over the years. It is p/n 75944. They call it an oil cooler bypass valve.

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