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Part# 08-00040
MFR Model# 1008


These disposable funnels are very popular among aircraft owners and pilots for adding engine oil. They store flat, clean and dry in a recloseable bag, and eliminate the messy cleaning when using a regular funnel. Also ideal for brake fluid, resins, and paints. Furnished in pack of 10 funnels. Pack of 10


Just what I wanted/needed at a good price.

Mark C
November 14, 2019

This is a great product, i keep them at the hanger and in the plane, they make adding oil super clean and easy.

Ken W
July 15, 2019

Real convenience being able to add oil without fooling with a funnel or oil can extension. No mess cleaning the funnel/extension, or the wasted paper wipes cleaning the funnel/extension before stowing. I keep them in my PA32 and the B58 I fly commercially.

Charles (
April 29, 2019

Very convenient and affordable funnels that pack flat to save space.

Matt A
April 28, 2019

I ordered a 10 pack of these funnels from Aircraft Spruce a number of years ago. (I use them for adding oil to my car. I reuse them keeping them in a zip-lock bag. Each one lasts me a long time.) My supply was nearly gone and I needed to re-order. I couldnt remember the companys name or, I feared, if I could find it they would no longer sell this item. Via a Google search I quickly found the company website, the item, and ordered it. Solid 5 star company, communication, product and price!

December 22, 2018

Good cheap oil funnel to carry around. When traveling I dont carry a regular funnel. This meets my needs.

Ferenc C
July 13, 2018

Perfect for keeping my older Prius full of oil on our extended road trips!

June 4, 2018

These work great for filling my Centurion. I keep a a few in the aircraft and a good supply in the hangar. They are sturdy, and the right length for my application. Super easy cleanup.

David B
February 19, 2018

Best darn foldable cardboard disposable funnels Ive ever encountered.

Rick R
September 9, 2017

These disposable funnels are compact, convenient, effective and very cost effective. They take up next to no space, weigh next to nothing and the beauty is you toss each one out when you are done with it. I would highly recommend these.

Roger B
June 26, 2017


Q: How long are these disposable folding oil funnels?

These funnels are approximately 7 inches in length.

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