B&C Bc410-H Sd Alternator 20-30 Amp

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Part# 07-06771
MFR Model# BC410-H


BC410-H Alternator

The BC410-H is the original high-performance spline-driven alternator that mounts on a standard vacuum pump accessory pad. It may be used either as a primary or a stand-by alternator for a nominal output of 20 to 30 amps, depending on engine RPM. Designed for many hours durable service, the BC410-H features a dynamically balanced rotor, heavy-duty sealed ball-bearings, 2 internal cooling fans, and a special “shear section” designed into the drive coupling.

The BC410-H is externally-regulated, and may be used in either 14 and 28 volt homebuilt aircraft using our LR3C-14 (14V), LS-1A (28V), or SB1B (14V or 28V) Controllers.

Measures 4.6” (diameter) and 6.0” (length), and weighs 5.75lbs. The BC410-H will clear a stock tachometer cable on Lycoming engines, as well as B&C Oil Filter Adapters.

L-40, BC460-H, BC410-H, and BC462-H alternators require external regulators - use: P/N 07-06742 (LR3C) for 14V Primary, P/N 07-06786 (LS-1A) for 28V Primary, P/N 07-03461 (SB1B-14) for 14V Standby, and P/N 07-03462 (SB1B-28) for 28V Standby.
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Henry G Verified Purchase


April 15, 2022

Its an alternator and it works not much more to say time will tell

Art B Verified Purchase


July 31, 2021

Perfect replacement for an older SD20 that was installed in the aircraft. The alternator actually has higher output at a lower RPM than the one it replaced.

Wayne T
September 6, 2018

Well built Alternator that actually fits on the vacuum pump drive mount on Lycoming IO390. I bought the slightly larger model BC462-H but it did not fit, it interfered with standard oil filter although it also said it would fit on that same accessory pad. Turns out it only fits if the optional 90 degree filter mount is used. Now trying to get refund on the BC462-H.

Gary K
December 15, 2020


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Q: Will this alternator fit on the rear of a Rotax 912 engine?

Both the SD-20 and the SD20-S will fit Rotax 912 and 914 engines on an available vacuum pump accessory pad. It should be confirmed in advance, however, that the engine in question is equipped with the necssary vacuum pump drive gear (some may not). Eligible pads on Rotax engines turn at a ratio of .54 to 1 of engine RPM.

Q: Is the SD-20 alternator still available? Should it be replaced by the BC410-H?

Per B&C the SD-20S looks to be the BC425-H now.

Q: Whats the difference between a BC410-H and a BC410-I?

The BC410-H is for experimental aircraft only. The BC410-1 is for certified aircraft.

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