B&C Model LR3D-14 Linear Regulator - 14V

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Part# 07-06742
MFR Model# LR3D-14


The LR3D Controller combines three essential devices in one physical container, making it a lightweight, space-saving, and cost-effective alternative for any aircraft electrical system, while also improving safety of flight. First, the LR3D operates as a quiet, linear regulator, generating little audio or radio noise (in contrast to switching-type regulators). Second, it provides a vital safeguard for your aircraft electrical system with a solid-state, crowbar over-voltage protection circuit. And third, the LR3D Controller functions as an important low-voltage monitoring and warning system.
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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • Used on all externally regulated alternators using circuit type "B" (one field lead grounded directly)
  • The LR3D weighs approximately 9 ounces
  • Select a location for mounting that will protect unit from heat, vibration, and water; the pilot side of the firewall, or inside the cabin near the instrument panel, is recommended.
  • For experimental aircraft only
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April 15, 2022


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Q: How do you check that regulator LR3C-14 is working? I have no charge showing on volt meter. Alternator is OK.

You will need to use the troubleshooting guide in the "Documents" tab on the web page.

Q: Do you send a certificate of conformity with this regulator?

No, this unit is intended for installation on experimental aircraft only. Our supplier does not include certs with the shipments, only a packing slip.

Q: Will this work with a Ford motorcraft alternator by airborne electrosystems Part number DOFF10S00J?

Per Vendor: "If the alternator has a single control wire for the "Field" (or F1) terminal, and other terminals for "Stator", "Ground", and "Batt", then the LR3D-14 should be compatible."

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