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From $15.95 to $26.50
Image Model No. Thread Part No Price Buy
CAV-110 1/8" NPT 05-01865 $15.95
CAV-110H4 1/8" NPT 05-01934 $21.75
CAV-160 1/4" NPT 05-01866 $15.95
CAV-160H-4 1/4" NPT 05-00966 $21.60
CAV-170 7/16-20 NF 05-01867 $17.85
CAV-170-H-4 7/16-20 NF 05-00967 $22.85
CAV-170-SS 7/16-20 NF 05-15418 $26.50
CAV-180 3/8-24 NF 05-01868 $17.85
CAV-180H-4 3/8-24 NF 05-00968 $22.50
Subtotal $0.00
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SAF-AIR push type fuel drain valves are close tolerance valves of simple design. These valves provide the most trouble free operation of any other line of valves in the industry. SAF-AIR valves are manufactured with an o-ring placed on the stem to seal against a flat seat on the body. This design eliminates an area where dirt can gather, thus putting an end to the main cause of fuel drain valve drip. FAA & PMA APPROVED.

MODEL CAV-110 1/8 NPT - For Cessna 310 tip tanks; Mooney Mark 20 and 20A; all Ercoupe models; Bellanca, Taylorcraft model B; Stinson 108, 108-1, 108-2, 108-3; Voyager model 10 and 10A; Navion; Waco VK series and UPF; and Sea Bee. Fits all standard gascolators.
MODEL CAV-160 1/4 NPT - For Piper models J-3, J-4, PA-11, -12, -14, -25, -16, -17, -18, -20, -22, -23, -15 and -28 Tri-Pacer; Apache; Champion; Aeronca; Cessna T-50 and earlier 120 and 140 models; and Beechcraft AT-11 and C-18S.
MODEL CAV-170 7/16-20 NF-3 - For all Cessna late 140A models, 150, 170, 170A, 170B, 172 and 175.
MODEL CAV-180 3/8-24 NF-3 - For Cessna 180, 182, 185, 190, 195, 205, 210, 310, 310A, 310B, 310C and 336.
CAV-100H-4, CAV-160H-4, CAV-170H-4, CAV-180H-4 - All four models come with 1/4 hose end.

Note: All aircraft applications are for general reference only. Verify correct valve for your aircraft before ordering.
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I will ONLY deal with your rep Michelle from here on out! Beyond friendly, very helpful and professional and literally makes me want to call back and order more items! Great, fast service. Dont change anything!

Brad M
March 16, 2020

They worked great for my application. No leak and small

Dennis B
January 17, 2020

These drains are excellent for Gascolators.

Gr&bc M
October 10, 2019

Good product, great service and price.

James J
September 7, 2019

I replaced two leaky drain valves that had internal O-rings with the CAV-170 with external (replaceable) O-rings. Very happy with the replacements.

Carsten S
July 26, 2019

Work well.

Glen B
January 4, 2019

Replaced old drains with these new ones...very happy with priduct

Paul D
November 9, 2018

Nice quality valve. Works great!

Guy S
November 1, 2018

I visited Safairs booth at Air Disney, so am familiar with their products and sales people. I use these to replace Curtis drain valves that the o-rings have gone south on. Grease the big o-ring on these units with a smear of Dow Corning DC-4, like you should do on the gasket of an oil filter, and it will seal better and last a long time.

August 25, 2018

Adam H
March 2, 2018


Q: What o-ring for CAV160?

The o-ring is P/N# MS29513-006.

Q: How do I order drilled SAF-AIR drain valves that need safety wire?

The pipe thread valves, the ones with NPT next to the thread size, are not drilled for the safety wire. All fo the models with NF listed next to thread size will have the drilled holes for safety wire.

Q: Which o-ring fits the CAV-110?

It only needs the tip o-ring, part # MS29513-006.

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