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Part# 08-00688
MFR Model# HSS


HotStrip is thin and lightweight like a silicone pad, but made of aluminum for maximum durability. Works either as a stand-alone sump heater or integrated with the Hot Band Cylinder Heating Systems in the Standard, Turbo, and Turbo XP Systems. Bonds to the bottom or side of oil sump and electrically heats the oil.

Features dual heating elements for redundancy. System includes two 100W elements thermostat, and power cord.

FAA Approved for:
Lycoming 0-235; All 290, 320, 360 series; All 435, 480, 540, 541 series; Continental IO-346; All 300, 600 series; E-165, E-185, E-225, All 470, 520, 550 series.

HotStrip Oil Sump Heater System
All engines above (Except Continental A-65, A-75, A-80, C-85, C-90, O-200, IO-240. These engines with oval oil sump use HotPad flexible silicone heating elements)
Franklin 165, 220.


  • 4" x 1.5 x 1/8"
  • 1 ounce
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Top notch and very affordable. But most importantly, it works as advertised.

David L Verified Purchase


July 24, 2021


Mike C Verified Purchase


July 16, 2021

have used previously, fits with the Power-Flow exhaust on my Grumman Cheetah

John R
February 10, 2021

Always install on every plane. Has my engine warm in 3 hours on the coldest day.

Steve M
July 22, 2020

Kit includes the adhesive.

James A
March 26, 2020

Item arrived very quickly (great that theres a warehouse in IL now!). It was exactly as represented on the website. Thank you for your services!

Dave M
September 19, 2019


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Q: Is the hot strip heater suitable for 220 volt power supply?

No, this part number will not work on a 220 volt supply. However, we can special order the 220v version for you. Please contact sales to request current pricing and lead time.

Q: How long can the Reiff hotstrip oil sump heater stay on or plugged in? 10hrs or how many days? What is the life expectancy?

Per Vendor: They can last many years if installed properly. It comes with a 5 year warranty.

Q: Does this unit come with the glue to bond to the oil sump?

Yes, this kit includes the adhesive.

Q: At what temperature does the thermostat cycle the heating element off?

190 degrees F

Q: How many watts will the Reiff Hotstrip Oil Sump Heater draw?

Per Vendor: It will have 2 100W elements so it will be 200 watts.

Q: Where are the Reiff Hotstrips made?

These are manufactured in the USA.

Q: If the thermostat turns the unit off at 190 degrees, at what temperature does the unit turn back on?

Once the temp drops 20-30 degrees.

Q: I have an oval oil sump that requires the hotstrips. Do I specify when I checkout that I need the strips or is that what Im buying above?

Unfortunately the manufacturer is no longer producing the unit for the oval oil sump that required the hotstrips. We used to sell it under the part # 08-04410 but it was discontinued.

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