Click Bond Repair Patch Kit

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Part# 04-06015
MFR Model# KA1ACP125000005A1A1


Click Bond Fasteners mount to surfaces with adhesive. They are assembled in a disposable, self-fixturing device of plastic that aligns and holds the fastener in position and under controlled pressure while the bonding material cures. After the installation is completed, the holding fixture is removed and the conventional attachment is made to the fastener. Bonded fasteners eliminate welding or drilling surfaces and result in reinforced substrate strength, leakproof and corrosion resistant attachments. We offer Click Bond Fasteners in convenient, pre-packaged kits as shown.

These self-fixturing surface mounted patches repair small holes & fastener leaks without access to the reverse side of the surface. Patch is adhesively bonded to flat or curved surfaces with aid of an integral, disposable fixture. High peel strength adhesive allows patches to withstand super- sonic flight, cleaning, de-icing, & paint stripping. Patches can be removed easily with heat application. Kit includes 1 CP125-000-005A1A1 aluminum repair patch (.005 thk. & 1.25" dia.), 1 adhesive packet, surface prep matl, & instr.



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Q: Can this stuff be used to repair cracks in acrylic windshields?

Per the supplier: We advise this material to not be used on any windshields of any kind.

Q: Please advise if CP125000005A1A1 is the same as KA1E1-CP125000005A1A1? Does the CP125000005A1A1 include the CB92 kit? Thanks & Regards, Celine Ng

The CP125xx is just the Click Patch, The KA1E1 is the kit plus patch containing the adhesive/sealant.

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