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Part# 12-00217
MFR Model# 269C3


Rivet Grip & Diameter Gauge.
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This tool has been a game changer for sizing rivets. It is a must have for anyone setting rivets.

Daniel S
October 16, 2020

Overall the service is what I would expect from a supplier for the Aviation industry. Future purchases are in the pipeline. Keep up the great service, Jim Burke

James B
February 7, 2020

As a former US Navy Aircraft Structural Mechanic, this product is the real deal, legit high quality, and exactly the same as what we used in the Military. We had one of these same tools in our J-5 box. Ive been hunting down all the tools we used to use in the military and this is 1 of those products that has great use. I highly recommend it. ty for the business.

Bill A
February 5, 2020


Carlos D
November 3, 2019

Great tool, it has more uses than just sizing for Cherry max rivets. It is just plain useful for measuring hold depth when having to replace any blind rivet.

Murray S
August 29, 2019

An absolute must for determining the proper grip length of Cherry Max rivets. Simply stick the hook end into the rivet hole and slide the gauge down to read the required length rivet. Also great for determining nominal or oversize rivet diameter from your rivet collection.

John L
December 16, 2014

I’m a retired USAF Veteran mechanic so when I bought an old aluminum military shelter to convert to a camper and I started replacing rivets, I realized quickly that I needed a grip gauge to make the job easier... This cherrymax grip gauge is just what I needed, the only thing I’d do/recommend to improve it is to 1- make the exterior casement a bit beefier, it would help to protect the insertable grip portion more since it can’t be any bigger and still fit into holes... 2- coat or offer an option for a brightly colored rubber coating on the exterior casement as well, I don’t know how many times I’ve put it down, and then wonder, where the heck did I put that gauge... GLAD I have it though...

October 12, 2020


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