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Nylon Washers
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Excellent ....will save my new paint

Paul D
November 9, 2018

I love these! They protect my paint from the circle of doom left by over tightening screws. They dont show, and dont rust.

Cris A
October 14, 2018

October 13, 2018

We have been using these for years and never had a bad one.

August 13, 2017

...still need to be a slightly larger diam.

Joseph M
November 8, 2018

Weve used these for years, the material is quality and the ID is perfect. The OD matches that of a hardware store screw, or a MS35206, but it is too small for normal AN525 or AN526 screws commonly used on inspection panels, cowlings, and spinners.

Griswold A
December 7, 2018

I agree that the washers should have a slightly larger OD to better match the OD of the head of the screws.

Bruce B
June 8, 2018

These washers need to have a slightly larger OD to better match the screw head.

July 9, 2017


Q: What is the thickness on nylon washer p/n 04-00218?

Dimensions of 04-00218: OD 3/8", ID 3/16", THICK .032

Q: What are the dimensions of the part number 04-00217?

Dimensions of 04-00217: OD 11/32", ID 5/32", .030 Thickness

Q: What type of nylon material are these washers made of?

VydyneŽ 21SPF is a general purpose Nylon 66 resin available in natural color and black. It is designed principally for injection molding fabrication. This grade offers a well-balanced combination of engineering properties characterized by high strength; rigidity; good toughness; high melt point; good surface lubricity; abrasion resistance; and resistance to many chemicals, solvents, gasoline, and machine and motor oils.

Q: What are the dimensions of 04-00216?

OD 9/32", ID 1/8", 0.030 thickness

Q: What are the measures of the 04-00218 # 10?

OD .375 X ID .194 X .032 OD 3/8" ID 3/16" THICK .032

Q: What are the dimensions of 04-00219?

OD 1/4", ID 3/32"

Q: What are dimensions of P/N 04-00219 nylon washer?

OD 1/4", ID 3/32"

Q: What are the dimensions of the Part Number 04-00216, stamped #6 nylon washer?

OD 9/32" x ID 1/8" x .030 thickness

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