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A5 Blind Rivet5/32" / 4mm5/16" / 7.9mm#20180 lbf / 80kg
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Note: Sold in packages of 100.

The Zenith blind rivets are made from quality alloys, and are batch tested by Zenith Aircraft Company for shear strength before being shipped.

These rivets are corrosion resistant, and the stem becomes locked in after being set. Also, not many different lengths are required for different diameters or thicknesses. In the Assembly Instructions, they are designated as A4 (1/8) and A5 (5/32).

They have a design shear strength of 130 lbs. and 220 lbs. respectively. Use only Zenith rivets supplied with the kit.

Zenith Aircraft Company has developed a unique process for setting blind rivets, which requires custom rivet heads. The process uses flush-type rivets, where the flush rivet head is formed into a domed-head by the riveting process. This provides an permanent tight finish to all set rivets. To accomplish this, the riveter heads must be ground (machined) with a concave dome (see diagram). Only 1/8" (A4) and 5/32" (A5) rivets are required to assemble the kit.

Zenair blind rivets for the ZENAIR Riveting System
ZENAIR blind (or pulled) rivets have been used to construct the all-metal Chris Heintz designs since the 1970s, and make riveting a quick and easy process! The ZENAIR riveting system forms the rivet head as the blind rivet is pulled, providing a low profile dome finish and high shear strength. Fast installation, simple tools and low cost make this a popular riveting system with homebuilders!


Glad these are made available, Paypal, Canada Post fast easy and good shipping price from Spruce!

Mark S
August 31, 2020

Rivets are great. used them in a zenith as per the plans and are perfect. A&S service was awesome.

July 6, 2020

good quality

Darrin T
April 23, 2020

Exactly what I needed. Gets the job done with the specially machined rivet heads fo Zenith aircraft.

Ray W
March 31, 2019

I have used the standard blind rivets hundreds of times, but when it comes to structural its good to know that these meet a shear test.

Michael M
August 10, 2018

I ordered 200 each,delivered as promised!! Shame they are so exspensive,Ill need several thousand

Bob E
September 22, 2017

Ok, but Cheaper from Zenith Factory and shipping is cheaper.

Mark S
December 20, 2020

as per Zenith construction standard CS# 400 the apex rivets will work reference #1604-0412 for A4 and #1604-0514 for A5 they are much cheaper.

Adam V
May 25, 2020

Cheaper to buy straight Avex rivets. You get a discount and donât need the special head tool....

November 9, 2020


Q: How many Zenair blind rivets will come in an order of 1?

These are priced and sold in packages of 100 rivets.

Q: Are these Zenair blind rivets made of aluminum alloy or stainless steel?

These are made of 6061T6 aluminum.

Q: Are these the same rivets as avex?

Yes. Per they vendor they are Avex rivets. Avex is a large rivet manufacturer, and these Avex rivets were specifically selected by Zenith. I'm not sure what Avex model/part number they use.

Q: Do they have countersunk heads?

Yes these are countersunk.

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