Dynon Avionics Outside Air Temperature Probe

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Part# 10-01823
MFR Model# 100433-001


This temperature probe, with 10 foot long cable, connects directly to the optional remote compass (only) to provide outside air temperature, true airspeed and density altitude.



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Q: Can I use the Dynon Avionics Outside Air Temperature probe with a AF5600 screen?

The Dynon Avionics outside Air Temperature probe is designed to work with D10A the D100. Using this probe with another manufacturer’s product is not tested and not recommended.

Q: Does this probe plug directly into my D100 or do I need other accessories?

The probe needs to contact to the EDC-D10A, which then will interface with the D100.

Q: Is part # 10-01823 actually Dynon p/n 100433-001?

Yes, part # 10-01823 is Dynon model no. 100433-001.

Q: Can this sensor be used as a Dynon SV-OAT-340?

Per the installation manual, it can be used, please refer to the manual to verify proper installation.

Q: Can this be daisy chained with a D10EMS *AND* a Skyview Touch? I use the D10EMS as a dedicated engine monitor and need the temp for % power.

No, each system will require it's own probe.

Q: Does this probe work with AV-30?

Per the manual, you must use probe part # 11-04603.

Q: What mounting equipment comes with this sensor? Also, is this item TSOd?

This sensor is for experimental applications and it does not come with any installation hardware.

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