JPI Upgrade To EDM 730 Or 830

+$300 Core Exchange Charge
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Part# 10-03864
MFR Model# UPGRADE 730-830


Indicator Only - Functions with Existing Probes & Options

Note 1: Core charge will be automatically added to order. Core charge is refunded once valid core is returned to JPI (manufacturer). All cores must be sent direct to JPI.

Note 2: EDM 730/830 fits in a 3-1/8" hole and is not a direct slide in for the EMD 700/800 2-1/4" units.

This upgrade program will allow you to swap out your 700 to the new 730 or 800 to the new 830 as the new 730 and 830 use a standard 3-1/8" mounting hole.

The 730/830 will use the same JPI probes and will better display engine parameters with this plug and play upgrade.

California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


700 to 730 Upgrade Plug and Play exactly as stated using existing probes and wiring. Great Experience!

Glenn H
June 6, 2023

I've been flying with the EDM-700 for some time now, it recently quit working so instead of repairing, I decided to go with the upgrade option to the EDM-730. It was so worth the extra time and money. Much more information at a glance, not to mention it was a plug and play upgrade. Very good bang for the buck in my opinion!! Don't hesitate, upgrade.

Ryan A
June 1, 2015

Absolutely worth the upgrade! I've been flying with EDM-800 for several years and have loved it. Recently a few of the number segments stopped working, but instead of repairing it, I upgraded to EDM-830. Absolutely LOVE it! A lot more info at a glance! Much prettier full color display. If you're thinking about it, then BUY it!

Bruce T
April 29, 2013


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Q: What are the actual dimensions of the EDM 830?

The EDM 830 is 3.1W x 4.2H x 3.0D (does not include connector and wire) and weighs .95lbs.

Q: What are the actual dimensions of the EDM 830?

The EDM 830 is 3.1W x 4.2H x 3.0D (does not include connector and wire) and weighs .95lbs.

Q: Does this upgrade also apply to the 2.25 version of the EDM 800?

Yes, this is for both sizes of the 700 or the 800 EDM gauges.

Q: Can the EDM 730 or 830 replace the engine gauges in my airplane or does this act as a much more accurate supplementary instrument?

The EDM 730 and 830 are secondary engine monitors so you will need to keep your primary engine gauges and probes. The EDM 930 is a primary engine monitor replacement.

Q: Does EDM 730 upgrade 10-03864 include the options oil temp, oil pressure, CRB, fuel flow, OAT, RPM and MAP or do I need to pay extra for those options?

No, the upgrade is only for the new display so the options you currently have (4 or 6 cyl) will be displayed. You can add options at any time such as oil temp or oil pressure if you currently do not have those options installed.

Q: I currently have the JPI 700 4 cylinder and wanting to upgrade to 730 will I need to make the existing 2.25 mounting hole bigger or will the 730 fit in this hole?

The JPI EDM 730 is 3.1"W x 4.2"H x 3.0"D without connectors and wire. Also note that this gauge (3-1/8 mounting hole) can be mounted up, down, right and left. For more information please see our videos tab for the JPI 730.

Q: Does the EDM 730 take up less space behind the panel as opposed to the 700?

The depth of the EDM 730 is 3 inches. The depth of the EDM 700 is 8 inches.

Q: Does the 730 upgrade price vary for 6 cylinder versus 4 cylinder models?

No, because you will keep the current probes you have installed the upgrade to part number 10-03864 is the same price for 4 and 6 cylinder models.

Q: Can I exchange my 700 for an 830?

Yes, contact sales for a quote.

Q: I have an EDM 700 with the fuel flow option. The JPI website indicates that the 730 and 700 use different FF harnesses, but the same transducer. Would I have to buy a new harness if upgrading to the 730? If so, would I be better off upgrading to the 830?

The 730 is a direct replacement for the 730 as long as you have a JPI harness and probes. The same applies to the 830, however you will have to order and install the extra options that are available with the 830.

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