MGL Type-K EGT Thermocouple Clamp Small

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Part# 11-07842


MGL Avionics Type-K EGT Thermocouple Clamp - Type small. 1.5 Dia.


Received order on time. I tried to order a KType thermocouple that was around .125dia. I assumed what I was getting was around that diameter and then realized that it was .200 and will not fit .188 diameter hole in exhaust header. I left a phone mail message 2 days ago and have not had a return call

Stan M Verified Purchase


April 20, 2022

This probe has a length of 5/8.

Philip H
May 19, 2014

These work well but while the probe itself may be stainless, the strain relief spring covering the wire is not -- all of them are covered in surface rust after two months exposure to Hawaii climate. Disappointing.

Patrik J
September 14, 2017

I do not know yet as I have not installed yet.

Dennis B
August 26, 2019


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Q: Will the MGL Type-K EGT Thermocouple clamp small probe work on an Aviasport EGT gauge for Rotax 912 UL?

Per MGL, the small clamp may not fit. They recommend part number 11-05567 as long as you have a threaded receptacle on the exhaust.

Q: It states 1.5. Is that the start range or end range. will it fit 1.375 O.D. 1.25 I.D?

The MGL EGT clamp is 1.5" when it is tightened. We tested one and were able to tighten it to 1.375" but we can not guarantee that it will fit.

Q: How long is the lead?

The MGL type K EGT thermocouple (11-07842) has a 4' lead.

Q: How long is the probe?

This probe is 36 inches in length.

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