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Part# 11-10674


The RDAC XF is the Engine monitor module used with Ultra, Enigma, Odyssey, Voyager and all iEFIS instruments.
Available in two versions, the RDAC XF is the base version and the RDAC XF MAP adds a precise silicon manifold pressure sender (usuable for any pressure in the 0 to 2.5 Bar (30psi) range (non aggressive gases or liquids only).

The RDAC XF provides an optically isolated communications interface compatible with all existing MGL EFIS systems. In addition it provides a CAN bus interface used with iEFIS systems. Further to this a RS232 interface is provided allowing thrid party (OEM) use of the RDAC system.

The RDAC XF provides up to 12 channels for thermocouple sensors (EGT,CHT), channels dedicated to NTC temperature and other probe types, oil and fuel pressure, fuel levels, dual fuel flow and dual RPM, manifold or boost pressure (RDAC XF MAP only)

The RDAC XF is quick and easy to install thanks to our well proven use of vibration proof moving cage wire terminals. These terminals allow quick attachement of wires and are very useful during typical sensor fault finding.

The RDAC XF replaces the long running RDAC XB, XD and XE versions with a more flexible, yet sturdy design in a strong, cast aluminium bulkhead mount device.

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WARNING: The product may contain and/or expose you to a chemical(s) or substance(s) which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.



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Q: Will the RDACXF MAP (part #11-10676) read normal intake pressure (vacuum, inches of mercury) or only turbo boosted pressurized manifolds?

According to the manufacturer documents, it can do either. It is a matter of how it is calibrated. "Message to send to RDAC to change calibration of MAP sensor. $05 $02 $85 VALLOW VALHIGH CHKL CHKH Checksums are calculated as with messages sent by RDAC. Value to send is required calibration value as signed 16 bit offset (ADC value)"

Q: Does the RDAC XF and RDAC XF MAP provide RS232 interface protocol?

Yes there is RS232 protocol on the RDAC units. For any questions on the interface please contact MGL direct.

Q: How much does the MGL RDAC XF Engine Monitor module weigh?

The MGL RDAC XF Engine Monitor module weighs less than 1 pound.

Q: The RDACXF for the Xtreme EMS, mounts on the engine side of the firewall? It appears well exposed to engine -heat, and elements from engine compartment - is it covered or protected? or mounts and looks as shown here?

Yes, the RDAC mounts on the engine side of the firewall. There is no protection, MGL recommends fabricating a box over the unit to prevent water damage.

Q: Is this normally a stock item?

Yes, we do stock this item. Please select the model you need and add to your cart to see current inventory status.

Q: Does this price for the MGL RDAC XF Module include senders and transducers?

The price is for the unit only, does not include any senders or transducers.

Q: What size fuse/breaker is required for the RDAC XF MAP?

2 amp.

Q: Does the RDAC work with Emag/Pmag ignition or is a slick mandatory?

Yes, the unit has the capability to be used on these units, but the installer must consult with the manufacturer for instructions to do so. You can reach them at

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