Part# 01-00414
MFR Model# ES-6228


ES6228 is a thin paste viscosity epoxy adhesive designed to provide good bonds to metal surfaces. A unique feature of ES6228 is its ability to bond to slightly oily metal surfaces. this is useful in situations where the complete removal of residual mill oil on metal surfaces is not possible. The thin paste consistency of ES6228 wets the metal surface well, for good adhesion. this viscosity also provides some gap filling capabilities, so "close-fitting" joints are adequate, and matched-metal joints are not required. ES6228 has a 1 to 1 mix ratio, by weight or volume, for easy measuring. The white resin and black hardener combine to a smooth gray system that is easy to mix and apply. The cured material has very good properties, with high bond strength and elongation, for tough, durable assemblies.
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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


ES6228-A ES6228-B Test Method
Color White Black Visual
Viscosity, cps Thin Paste Thin Paste ASTM D2393
Specific Gravity 1.32 1.30 ASTM D1475
Density, lb/cu in 0.477 .0470 ASTM D792
Mix Ratio 100: 100 by weight or volume PTM&W

Pint Kit Quart Kit Gallon Kit Pail Kit
ES6228-A 1 lb. 2.25 lb. 9 lb. 45 lb.
ES6228-B 1 lb. 2.25 lb. 9 lb. 45 lb.
Kit 2 lb. 4.5 lb. 18 lb. 90 lb.

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Q: Does Aeropoxy ES6228 contain any metallic filler particles? If that information is not available, it would help to know what leads to the black color of the ES6228-B, which I assume is the hardener. Thank you.

ES6228 A or B contains no metallic fillers. The B has black pigment in it which is where the color comes from.

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