Part# 04-06025
MFR Model# KA4A1CS125142016AXCR
DescriptionPart Number
Metal Large Base Stud Kit04-06025


Click Bond Fasteners mount to surfaces with adhesive. They are assembled in a disposable, self-fixturing device of plastic that aligns and holds the fastener in position and under controlled pressure while the bonding material cures. After the installation is completed, the holding fixture is removed and the conventional attachment is made to the fastener. Bonded fasteners eliminate welding or drilling surfaces and result in reinforced substrate strength, leakproof and corrosion resistant attachments. We offer Click Bond Fasteners in convenient, pre-packaged kits as shown.

Click Bond studs are available in several sizes. The Metal Small Base Stud Kit includes (6) CS62-1032-12AX-CR aluminum small base stainless studs, (6) stainless nylocks/washers (10-32), 1 adhesive packet, surface preparation materials, and instructions. The Metal Large Base Stud Kit includes 4 CS125-1420-16AX-CR aluminum large base stainless studs, 4 stainless nylock/washers (1/4-20), 1 adhesive packet, surface preparation materials, and instructions. The Fiberglass Base Stud Kit includes 2 CS125-1032-12G-CR fiberglass large base stainless studs, 2 stainless nylocks/washers (10-32), one adhesive packet, surface preparation materials, and instructions.

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Excellent product for supporting wire harnesses and hoses.

Donald W
November 29, 2019

works perfectly for bonding studs on to composites. VERY STRONG

Rv6 D
October 20, 2017

Same as the other reviewer I wish the bonding solution came in a sealable container for multi-use. I was surprised to see the base plate so small. The site does not provide detailed description only small or large. One might argue that I should have asked before buying and you would be right.

September 9, 2019

I like the product very much, but I dont like the fact that the bonding expoxy is packaged for a one-time use. If you only want to use one stud and the others later, the bonding material isnt sealable. It looks like you can buy some extra packets of bonding material, so consider that. I would have given it a five-star rating if the bonding material was sealable/reusable.

Dwane F
March 10, 2016


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Q: How long is the stud for part 04-06020? Confirm it is a 10/32 thread.

The stud has a 23/32" length and yes, this does have a 10-32 thread.

Q: For the Fiberglass Base Stud Kit what is the diameter of the fiberglass base of the stud?


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