+$200 Core Exchange Charge
Part# 07-06502
MFR Model# 646275-1R
Mfg. Ref.Part Number


Every Hartzell Engine Technologies starter line reveals true aviation design/development and are capable of being maintenance free to your Lycoming engine's TBO... and beyond. Each of the aircraft starters provide High Torque, Low Inrush & Operating Current Draw, and a Superior Duty Cycle. Along with major weight savings from the old Prestolite heavyweights, the new Hartzell Engine Technologies starters are suitable for installation on all Lycoming engines without modification.

Overhauled exchange units available for almost all electrical accessories.

Call for quote on unlisted requirements. We stock all accessories at competitive prices.


Much better starter than the Skytec. Faster turn over.

Darryl E Verified Purchase


April 26, 2022

Working good

Jonathan A
December 1, 2020

Good service starts eng . well

Douglas R
September 24, 2020

So far so good, much better (faster cranking speed) than the lightweight Iskra it replaced. Only nit was there was no o-ring included, luckily the old one was serviceable.

July 28, 2020

I didnt realize how weak my old lightweight starter was! This new Hartzell start substantially better

Will B
May 4, 2020

Works and looks great. Started my engine with no issues.

Dionisio O
August 15, 2019

This is the first time I have used a Hartzell rebuilt starter on a big Continental engine. It is priced right but the durability is to be determined.....

Ken H
February 3, 2019

Excellent product. Previous starter sacrificed starting power for weight. The Energizer has plenty of power and does particularly well on hot starts.

Brady B
October 14, 2018

Works as intended. Plenty of power! Clutch feature needed for any Continental engine works well. The engine starter adapter will thank you. This is the only starter that is a good replacement for the OEM starter.

March 10, 2018

second one we have used works well

Douglas R
November 20, 2020


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Q: When purchasing the Energizer starter, is there an o-ring that needs to be purchased separately? Anything else not included?

The O-ring P/N MS9021-038 comes with new units, but not with overhauled units. Overhauled units will need to purchase a separate MS9021-038 to comply with Continental instructions.

Q: Regarding 646275-1R: What is the meaning of the suffix of R?

The R designates that it is an overhauled starter. The units without the R are new, outright.

Q: What warranty period is offered on HARTZELL overhauled and new starters?

New: 36 months or 1000 operating hours. Overhauled: 6 months or 250 operating hours.

Q: Can the return starter core be the original TCM Starter or does it have to be like-for-like (i.e. a Hartzell Energizer Starter)?

It will have to be like for like.

Q: If I order a 646238-2R overhauled starter, can I return a core that is a regular Teledyne 646238?

Yes that is an acceptable core.

Q: I understand the core charge when purchasing an overhauled starter but do not understand why it is charged on a new starter purchase. Why is there a core charge on a new starter purchase?

Hartzell put in place cores on all starters and alternators starting in 2020. This includes new models. Hartzell accepts the starter that is being replaced on the aircraft as a core for a refund of the charge.

Q: When I purchase the Hartzell starter 646238-2R does it come with a new O ring? Thanks!

The oring comes with the new starters but it is not included with the overhauled units.

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