Part# 09-01224
MFR Model# PC-22751-GL-BT


Nuvite NuGlaze Super Glosser and U/V Protectant creates a super high gloss “show quality” finish for paint in new or excellent condition, and it adds a U/V and sealant protection . It will put that final “wet-look” finish on good paint, and can be used as a final step for maximum gloss after using a drywash cleaner/polish such as Nuvite NuPower II. With regular NuGlaze use, a continuing surface barrier against most of the effects of airborne chemicals and ultraviolet radiation is created. Paint can be maintained in “new” condition longer and maintain the color balance intended by the manufacturer with regular use.

Bugs and normal soil remove easily from a NuGlaze surface, and the added gloss keeps the “new paint” look longer. NuGlaze is simple to use and avoids complicated setups and special application or buffing equipment. Proven techniques and continuing technology advancement from Nuvite have come together to produce NuGlaze - the best thing you can do to maintain and protect your near-new or “new-looking” paint.
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.


  • Adds Very High Gloss on Painted Surfaces in Excellent Condition
  • Creates an Ultraviolet Shield and Seal That Keeps Paint Looking “New” Longer
  • Easy Application Without Special Tools
  • Safe to All Aircraft Components, Preserves and Protects Substrate
  • Easy Application in All Climates
  • Seals Surface and Leaves a Protective Coating Against U/V and Atmospheric Corrosion, Salt Spray and Pollution


  • Appearance: -Reddish Tan Liquid
  • Odor: -Mild
  • pH -10.6-10.8 @ 25 degrees C
  • Solubility: -Dispersible in Water
  • Specific Gravity: -0.961 @ 25 degrees C



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Q: Regarding Nuvite Nuglaze Super Paint Glosser: How long does the look and protection last? Is it something that should be applied annually or more often?

This is semi-permanent so it should last 6-8 months. This will depend what you are putting this onto. Also, by keeping the surface clean, this can make it last longer.

Q: Can I use Nuvite Nuglaze on car paint?

Yes, this should be ok to use on car paint.

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