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Part# 10-00335
MFR Model# MK-01
ModelDescriptionPart Number
MK-013-1/8 Standard10-00335


Precision machined nut ring instrument mounting kit. Designed to slide on from the back side of the instrument using the alignment guide pin inserted trough a screw hole. Pulling on the alignment pin from the front side of the panel allows you to hold the instrument in correct alignment in the panel. Specially designed self-locking pan head black brass mounting screws and nylon washers are the easily installed from the front. Countersunk self-locking black brass scrws are also available. Nut rings can be installed without removing hoses, tubing, or electrical connections. Designed to raplace "grasshopper nuts"!

  • Alignment Mounting Pin sold separately.
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Worked just fine but make sure to get mounting pin for simple installation

David P Verified Purchase


October 6, 2023

Worked perfectly make sure you buy the alignment pin too

Christopher H Verified Purchase


April 26, 2023

Perfect for my purpose.

Robert O
May 17, 2021

Super easy, perfect fit. A great solution.

Fred V
July 2, 2020

Awesome product. There is no way I could have installed my new airspeed indicator in my Ercoupe’s panel without this, there is hardly any room and this plate worked perfectly. Before installing I put a piece of double sided tape in between the insturment and the mount to help hold it in place. Would definitely recommend

Lawson L
June 5, 2020

Absolutely perfect for my RV9. Purchased with my 2.25 gauges. Installation is a snap. Caution: Some of my gauges were slightly larger than ring ID. No problem - just sanded out a little.

March 23, 2019

Eddie C
March 12, 2017

We used these kits on a Decathlon restoration while upgrading the panel. Not only were they extremely easy to use, you end up only spending about $1-$2 more than if you buy long screws and standard instrument nuts. A great value for the giant leap in convenience!

Copaair M
April 23, 2014

Bought a bunch of these a few years ago thinking they were superior to the older clip in instrument nuts. Naw To make they work right, I had to discard the double stick tape they provide as you destroy those just trying to get them off the sheet, and further remove the backing. Then the nuts themselves are press fit in the frame and if you tighten too much, the nut dislodges and will then spin when you go to remove it. Use duct tape to retain on instrument and a touch of JB Weld to secure the nut is what I ended up doing with each one.

Pugetsoundflyers, I
August 9, 2022


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Q: Do the mounting kits come with 4 screws? If not, what size screws do they take.

Yes. They come with 4 6-32 1 1/4" long brass screws in the package.

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