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EZ NUTS 3-1/8"
EZ NUT 2-1/4"
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Take the frustration out of mounting instruments with the use of Superior Panel Technology’s EZ Nuts.

EZ Nut Advantages
  • Adhesive tape securely holds nut ring in place. No realignment if instrument is later removed.
  • Includes four 1 ½” non-magnetic black oxide stainless steel, pan-head screws. Stronger than brass
  • Includes four black nylon washers to prevent marring of the panel.
  • Aluminum bezel is treated to prevent corrosion.
  • The pressed in stainless steel inserts eliminate the problem of striped threads.
  • Only need to stock two sizes since you simply cut off one corner if only three screws needed.
  • Save labor time when compared to “grasshopper nuts”.
  • 100 degree countersunk screws available and are sold in packs of eight.
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Great product!

Louis B Verified Purchase

EZ NUT 2-1/4

August 9, 2021

Time saver and really handy in hard to reach areas.

Louis B Verified Purchase

EZ NUTS 3-1/8

August 9, 2021

Much easier than using the individual plate nuts that wear out easily making it almost impossible to remove an instrument when you need to.

Michael R
August 25, 2020

Worked exactly as advertised. Much less hassle than old-style inserts.

James B
August 23, 2019

Larry C
April 2, 2018

Great product, easy to use, why did I not use these years ago is beyond me. One of the best right up there

Rory H
February 10, 2018

Easy, no measurement issues for standard instruments. Worth having if you find yourself removing instruments to gain access to other things behind the panel.

Stephen T
April 21, 2017

As the owner of Superior Panel Technology, I can tell you that we strive to do all we can to make a line of useful, quality products. The majority of the products that we make and sell were developed as a result of our building a Velocity and a Lindy award winning RV6. I am sorry that Steve Stucky had such a problem with an EZ Nut. Prior to designing these, we took measurements on instrument bodies from several manufacturers. All of the 3 1/8 instrument bodies measured in the 3.10 range. We made the inner diameter of our 3 1/8 EZ Nut as large as possible (3.165) and still have enough material to securely hold the pressed in stainless steel nut. This easily accommodated the 3 1/8 instruments we tested which did include a few UMA 3 1/8 instruments. We have contacted UMA and have been informed that all of their 3 1/8 instruments do have bodies that measure 3.10 EXCEPT for their 3 1/8 altimeter which measures 3.18. We have also found out that the UMA 2 1/4 instruments have larger bodies than other manufacturers. Their 2.25 body measures 2.33 in outside diameter which is wider than our 2.29 opening on the smaller 2 1/4 EZ Nut. We have sold over 5,000 EZ Nuts over the past 3 years and can tell you that they do fit and work great. Customers tell us that our choice of stainless steel over brass makes a stronger product and the 3M double sided tape holds securely once mounted properly. To our knowledge, the UMA 3 1/8 altimeter and the UMA 2.25 instruments are the only ones that do not work with the EZ Nuts. We wish Steve would have realized that it did not fit and simply returned it for a refund. Please contact me directly if you discover that our EZ Nuts do not fit another manufacturers instruments and we will try to post this information. Thank you, Ken Whitaker (

Ken W
April 5, 2016

I thought this had Screws with it, good quality product I am using on new DG on my 1950 Cessna 170A. I like Spruce began use in 1960’s when I was Instructor at Harbor Aviation at Meadowlark Airport. 76 year old pilot in 70 year old airplane. All my best to youall.

Western A
July 9, 2020

I'm giving this one star because it is such a great idea. At first I was going for the instrument mounting nuts (A8943-632-493) but, I saw these and couldn't resist - and they were the same price. However, The ring was too small in diameter and would not slip around the back of my uma altimeter. This meant I had to cut the ring in order for it to fit (per instructions). Now, the nuts on the ring would not line up with the instrument holes, so I had to cut the ring into four pieces. The package containes four small pieces of double sticky tape to hold the ring to the back of the instrument. This didn't work and as soon as the screw contacted the nut, the sticky tape let loose and I had to reach under, around and up to hold the piece of ring in place -- all of which negates the designed purpose. But, I digress. Having the four pieces of the ring held into place on the instrument, I carried it to the airplane when I heard something hit the floor. It was one of the nuts which had come loose from its press fit into the ring. After I super glued it back into place it was back to the instrument panel. This time, another nut let go and buried itself deep underneath the floor seat pan. Three hours later, the nut was recovered and it to was superglued. This time I ran a bead of superglue around the remaining two nuts one of which wiggled loose during this process. Total time to install a single altimeter was very nearly four hours. No, I won't buy another one of these. It's back to the proven A8943's. Your mileage may vary.

Steve S
February 21, 2013


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