FUEL PROBE 12/24V 6 IN 0-5V

Part# 10-03753
MFR Model# FP1206V


The probe is constructed of concentric tubing (a small tube inside a larger tube). The tubes, which are separated by small insulators to keep the tubes from touching, acts as a capacitor that has one value in air (empty tank) and changes in value as the fuel level rises inside the probe. The amplifier converts these values to a signal suitable to drive a standard meter or other display device. Can be manually calibrated. See Documents tab.
12-24 Volts
6,12, or 24 inches
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -



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Q: Will this fuel probe fit the hole pattern for a normal float type sensor? Can this be shortened this 24" to 17"?

This probe has a standard SAE 5-hole bolt pattern, which most float type sensors have. Yes, it can be shortened down to half its length, so 17" would be no problem.

Q: What is the height of the top part of the sender above the seal? I have 3/4 inch of room between the sender seat and the cover panel on the wing.

The top part of the sender above the seal has approximate height of 11/16".

Q: What is the diameter of the top part?

2.6 inches

Q: Can this probe be mounted on the bottom of the tank?

Yes, part # 10-03753 can be mounted to the bottom of the tank.

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