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Plastic Eyeball Air Vent - Black

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Part# 05-04079


These ball and socket air vents are injection molded T grade ABS. The vent orifice is 1" diameter, and the ball swivels 45. The mounting flange is 2-1/8" square, and the distance between mounting hold centers is 1- 11/16". Mounts in 1.75" diameter hole & uses 1-3/4" ducting.
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Tony J Verified Purchase


June 26, 2021

Works great for the price! Rear was deeper than my original beechcraft plastic vent but fits with some minor work. Very pleased with the purchase.

Leonard L
December 23, 2020

Very happy with item purchased and the time it took to get to Australia. Thank you for providing a great service and I look forward to purchasing more aviation components in the future 5 Stars from me for these guys.

James H
December 2, 2020

Good Quality with adjustable airflow

Manuel H
December 11, 2017


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Q: What size screw is used to mount the Plastic Eyeball air vent?

A 10/32 type screw can be used to mount the Plastic Eyeball Air vent.

Q: Do these vents twist to shut?

No, these vents do not twist. There is a small plastic handle inside the vent that that you use to pull back to open and push forward to close.

Q: Do these vents completely shut off the air when the handle is pulled shut?

No, the vent does not completely shut off. When the vent is closed, there will be a small amount of air flow still coming through as it is not an airtight seal.

Q: What size hose should be used with this vent?

It takes a 1.75" hose.

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