Part# 11-00102
MFR Model# 100B118000


Rubberized urethane with granular like non-slip surface. Available in sizes 7/8", 1", and 1-1/8" ID. The grips do not have a hole in the top for a switch.


As mentioned by others, PTT can be installed on top of grip, just be careful or will compromise the top of the grip. Went through one grip when trying to drill and twisted top off the grip. Otherwise looks, feels, and works great!

Dan C
August 31, 2022

I agree with Pat F. I used a 1 wood boring bit on my hand held drill to CAREFULLY open up a hole on the closed end. Now my RV-12 flap handle is much more better looking!

Rafael U
January 29, 2018

Open the closed end (carefully) and it works perfect for the RV-12 flap handle.

Pat F
September 24, 2017


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Q: Does this stick grip have a hole in the top for a transmit switch?

No, these grips do not have a hole in the top for a switch. Any hole for a switch would need to be cut out by the installer.

Q: When selecting size, do I select the width of the stick tube I want the grip to be fitted on?

Yes, that is correct, or in other words the outside diameter of the stick tube.

Q: What is the overall length of the grip?

4.5 inches

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