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Part# 11-01020-L
MFR Model# 100L100000
DescriptionGripBorePart No.
Left Hand Grip 1”Left1" Bore11-01020-L


These homebuilt control grips are made of high-strength urethane plastic, finish painted in matte black and come complete with all necessary hardware (AN screw, nut, wash­ers).

Available unbored or bored to accept 7/8”, 1”, or 1-1/8” diameter tubing.

All grips (except unbored) are available with or without PTT switch. Add -1 to the part number for PTT.
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


Finishing and polishing not 5 stars

June 5, 2017


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Q: Will the PTT switch on the "with PTT" model homebuilt stick grips connect to an ICOM handheld radio, like the IC-A6 for example?

Yes, it can be done. The PTT button has bare wires hanging out the bottom of the grip, so the builder or avionics shop would need to hook the bare wires up to the PTT switch wires on the Icom radio. This would be a custom installation. There are no adapters to go straight from the grip to the Icom handheld.

Q: 1. Do the wires that hang out the bottom of the grip stick come out from the grip stick bore hole? <br> 2. Is the PTT button on the top of the grip stick so it can be pushed with your thumb? <br> 3. Is the PTT button the only part of the switch that sticks out of the grip stick?

1. Yes, the wires will come out of the bore hole in the bottom of the grip.
2. Yes, the PTT button can be pushed in with the thumb on the models that include the PTT switch.
3. Yes, the PTT button is the only button protruding from the stick on the models with PTT switch.

Q: Regarding 11-01020 and 11-01020-L: What is the overall height of the grip? What is the bore depth?

Overall height of the grip is approximately 4-1/2". Bore depth is approximately 1-1/2".

Q: Is the grip installed as a slip fit over the control stick or does the stick need to be drilled to accept a mounting screw? (in the photo, it appears that there is a screw on the side of the grip). Can the PTT switch be removed in case it needs to be replaced at some point in the future?

The grip that you reference slips onto the control stick. There is a hole on the side for securing the grip to the control stick and it would require drilling into the stick to fasten the screw. The PTT switch can be replaced.

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