Part# 11-01150
MFR Model# FAP-08-5


This versatile mic and phone jack housing has a powder coat finish. With this recessed housing in place in a side panel, your jacks are out of the way. Comes with a clamp to hold housing securely in place. Jacks not included.
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  • Dimensions: W 2.9" x L 3.56" x H 1.06" (to outer edge of flange)
  • Holes: .380 dia. x 1.0" between center
  • Weight: 32 grams


Quality material, great price.

November 14, 2019

A great recessed housing for having mic phone jacks out of the way. Designed for standard 3/8” dia. mic & phone jacks or modify holes diameter if needed. Aluminum material can be easily bent for plug alignment if needed. My requie some modification for some installations.

February 7, 2018

Nice metal housing that allows the rear seats on a cherokee 140 to swing up for maintenance without hitting the housing. The holes for the jacks need to be made larger for isolating washers to fit. Prefer to have the hole size as an option when buying.

Dennis G
July 27, 2019

I knew I wanted my jacks to be recessed but I couldn’t for the life of me figure out where the screw went into the unit. What’s missing in the explanation is that you have to drill a hole in the unit. They have a really nice picture diagram what to do but for some reason AC spruce didn’t upload that.

Bryan P
April 28, 2018

I had problems using this product, the finish and quality is good. However the holes for the isolated jack are not big enough, i ended up drilling a larger hole to accommodate the isolation shoulder washer needed for microphone jack. As designed for a recessed mounted panel good luck getting a standard David Clark 13.4 to connect, the rubber plug is too long for easy install. I ended up flipping it around a mounting on the surface of the panel and making a custom attachment bracket, so i ended up with a non-recessed custom made unit that took me several extra hours to install. Anyhow that is my experience.

Adam W
January 29, 2018

Life A Verified Purchase


April 8, 2022


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Q: Is the 1.06 height the minimum space required behind the mounting surface to allow the retaining clamp to be installed?

For this housing, part numbers 11-01140, 11-01150, and 11-01160, the retaining clamp has a height of .75". However, in order for the housing to mount flush it must be installed into a space with a height of 1.06" by a width of 2.9".

Q: Is this housing non-conductive or is it metal?

These are made of aluminum.

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