Part# 11-03090
MFR Model# GE-4587
Lamp DiameterLamp No.PARDesign VoltsWattsPN
4 1/2" (114mm)GE-4587362825011-03090


Please Note: GE lighting was purchased by Tungsram.

GE | Tungsram Sealed Beam Lamps for Landing & Taxi Lights. All bulbs are identical, but packaging may differ within shipment.
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work great!

Mike K
January 20, 2021

Got em quick (two days) and they work as advertised. LOL. They replaced my two burned out lights. Using them as an inexpensive transition until I change to LEDs this Spring.

Armand V
December 18, 2020

The correct product arrived promptly and intact. The product functioned properly as intended. jwk

John K
August 4, 2020

on time and reasonable cost

July 6, 2020

Very quick service.

Sir R
June 23, 2020

great price, works as advertised

David L
May 17, 2020

The lights fit and work perfect. They were a good price and delivered quickly. Thank you!!

January 27, 2020

Received quickly and correct. Thank you.

Klaus A
November 25, 2019

As always...good quick service. Thank you

Klaus A
May 10, 2019

Good value since original lamp only lasted 47 years. Hope this one is as good.

Walter B
June 28, 2018


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Q: What is the difference between a GE 13v 4509 100W vs. GE 13v Q4509 100w?

The Q4509 stands for quartz. Per the supplier: only difference is quartz version has a 100 hour lab life vs 25 hour lab life of the non-quartz version.

Q: What does the X mean on the end of the part number? Regarding GE-4559 and GE-4559X

The difference is in the brightness. The bulbs with the X designation are brighter than the standard bulbs. In this instance, here are the specs: GE-4559 (Max Beam Candlepower = 600000) / GE-4559X (Max Beam Candlepower = 765000)

Q: Did GE stop making the 4596 or did you stop carrying it?

The GE-4596 bulb is still being manufactured and we still carry it. Use our part number 11-03806 (GE BULB GE-4596 28V 250W).

Q: What is the difference between landing lights and taxi lights?

The difference is the beam angle. The landing light has a 10 degree angle while the taxi light has a 40 degree horizontal beam pattern.

Q: Is the GE-Q4509 no longer available?

Yes. The GE-Q4509 Quartz version is no longer manufactured. We recommend part numbers 11-12157 or 11-02220 as an alternative.

Q: What is the designation for the combination landing and taxi light?

The halogen bulbs have no way of producing both a landing and a taxi light. These lights are designed to replace one or the other based on the GE part number of the bulb. If you require a combination light please see our LED landing/taxi lights.

Q: What is the difference between General Electric GE-4509 and GE-4595 bulbs?

GE4509 - PAR36, 13v, 100w, Max beam candle power: 110,000, Beam spread: 12 horizontal x 6 vertical, lab life hours: 25, filament: c-6, length: 70mm or 2.75
GE4595 - PAR36, 28v, 100w, Max beam candle power: 60,000, Beam spread: 14 horizontal x 6 vertical, lab life hours: 300, filament: c-6, length: 70mm or 2.75

Q: What is the difference between GE-4594 and GE-4591?

The GE-4591 has a brighter center beam compared to the GE-4594. The size and fitment are the same.

Q: Are these bulbs FAA approved? I see no STC / PMA approval in description, or notes.

GE bulbs were OEM parts on many production certified aircraft. The bulbs themselves do not have FAA Approval, however they are many times approved as replacement parts under the airframe approval. Please contact your local aviation authority to confirm the GE bulb can be used legally in your aircraft.

Q: Is there a plug and play LED replacement bulb?

These are drop in replacements.

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