Part# 11-06196
MFR Model# K220A


ICOM K220A PN 11-06196
Magnetic mount car antenna. This is an antenna with a magnet mount to attach to your car. Bare wire end.

ICOM K220C PN 11-06197
Hole mount car antenna. This is a single hole mount antenna to attach to your car. Bare wire end.

California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

Compatible Icom Units

IC-A120 PN 11-14122
IC-A220 PN 11-13688


Ive received the item successfully within short delivery time It was genuine,well packed and worked fine Awesome purchasing experience It wont be the last Thank you

Mohamed G
December 1, 2020

Excellent product and service

Claude O
September 28, 2019

Excellent service by Aircraft Spruce, thank you.

Dustin W
July 9, 2020

This review deals primarily with the magnet mount version. I rarely give anything from Icom a bad review but the magnet is too small and the rod is too thin and whippy. Im returning it. Ill give it credit for being an antenna and being able to resonate but I would double the size and pull of the magnet and double the diameter of the rod - then youd have something you dont have to worry about whether its going to stay put.

Jim K
May 27, 2020

The one star is because Aircraft Spruce shipped the antenna very quickly. The antenna is probably the worst antenna I have ever seen. Do yourself a favor and buy a Larsen quarter wave antenna and a Larsen magnet mount from a ham radio store. The cost is roughly the same and the quality is infinitely better. Icom should be ashamed to associate their name with this poor excuse for an antenna.

Paul L
March 3, 2021


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Q: does this have a pl-259 conn on the end?

The connectors at the end of the Icom K220A and K220C antennas are not PL-259. They have an Icom compatible connector used with Icom units. Compatible Icom units are listed under the Compatible Icom units tab.

Q: Do you sell a comparable unit that will connect to a Vertex Standard Pro V radio which has what I hear is called an SMA connector (screw mount vs. BNC).

No, this antenna is exclusive to Icom.

Q: Will this Icom K200A / K200C car antenna connect in place of the portable antenna on my handheld ICOM A6?

Unfortunately, this antenna is not compatible with the Icom A6 handheld radio.

Q: Is this antenna compatible with Icom A200 radio?

Per Icom, yes, the K220A/K220C antennas are compatible with the A200 radio.

Q: How long is the cable?

17 foot coax cable.

Q: Is the ICOM K220C HOLE MOUNT CAR ANT 11-06197 compatible with the icom A-6/A-24?

No, this antenna is not. It is only compatible with the A220 or A120.

Q: It says Car Antenna, but can the hole mount version be installed in my experimental aircraft?

This is designed for use on a car, so we could not say how well this will function on any aircraft application. As an experimental aircraft owner, however, it is your discretion on how to utilize this.

Q: How tall is the actual antenna?

Approx 26.5 inches.

Q: What antenna is compatible with the Icom A6?

Both of these antennas are designed for the Icom A210 and A110 series. We offer Part# 11-18603 for the handheld radios.

Q: Is this antenna compatible with The Icom IC-A23?

No, we do not show this as working with the A23.

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