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ICOM K220A PN 11-06196
Magnetic mount car antenna. This is an antenna with a magnet mount to attach to your car.

ICOM K220C PN 11-06197
Hole mount car antenna. This is a single hole mount antenna to attach to your car.

Compatible Icom Units

IC-A120 PN 11-14122
IC-A220 PN 11-13688


Excellent product and service

Claude O
September 28, 2019


Q: does this have a pl-259 conn on the end?

The connectors at the end of the Icom K220A and K220C antennas are not PL-259. They have an Icom compatible connector used with Icom units. Compatible Icom units are listed under the Compatible Icom units tab.

Q: Do you sell a comparable unit that will connect to a Vertex Standard Pro V radio which has what I hear is called an SMA connector (screw mount vs. BNC).

No, this antenna is exclusive to Icom.

Q: Will this Icom K200A / K200C car antenna connect in place of the portable antenna on my handheld ICOM A6?

Unfortunately, this antenna is not compatible with the Icom A6 handheld radio.

Q: Is this antenna compatible with Icom A200 radio?

Per Icom, yes, the K220A/K220C antennas are compatible with the A200 radio.

Q: How long is the cable?

17 foot coax cable.

Q: Is the ICOM K220C HOLE MOUNT CAR ANT 11-06197 compatible with the icom A-6/A-24?

No, this antenna is not. It is only compatible with the A220 or A120.

Q: It says Car Antenna, but can the hole mount version be installed in my experimental aircraft?

This is designed for use on a car, so we could not say how well this will function on any aircraft application. As an experimental aircraft owner, however, it is your discretion on how to utilize this.

Q: How tall is the actual antenna?

Approx 26.5 inches.

Q: What antenna is compatible with the Icom A6?

Both of these antennas are designed for the Icom A210 and A110 series. We offer Part# 11-18603 for the handheld radios.

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