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Part# 11-09651
MFR Model# W12V-4WHT


  • Four (4) very bright LEDs
  • Compact size, just 1.5” long
  • #4 mounting holes
  • 12 or 24 volts
  • “Flood” type wide area lighting
  • Ideal for map lighting, dome or utility installations
  • Black or Chrome Base.
  • Chrome Base only comes in White and Red 12V.

    For exprimental aircraft only
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


I basically like these LED lights a lot, I just wish they were brighter. They have well defined beamwidth, which has very practical application in aircraft. I needed to use them in pairs to get the amount of light I needed. I put four pairs of them in the overhead console on my P210, and the results were stunning. The fact that they are not too bright means I had to distribute the lighting, which turns out to be fine, and there are less shadows. The LEDs are very directional, and though they may be near your eyes, they are not blinding at all (whereas the standard overhead incandescent light IS blinding since it radiates equally in all directions). You can actually fly the plane at night with these lights on, and yet see outside just fine since the light is directed onto your lap and very little light goes sideways.

June 13, 2016


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Q: What are the dimensions of these dome and baggage area lights?

The approximate dimensions are: 1-9/16" Length x 13/16" Width x 7/16" Depth.

Q: What is the current draw for this fixture?

Per the supplier: The current draw is approx. 10 milliamps.

Q: Are these Dome and Baggage Area Lights dimmable?

Yes, they are dimmable.

Q: Do the Dome and Baggage Area lights lights have a built in switch?

The Dome and Baggage Area lights do not contain a switch.

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