Part# 11-12354
MFR Model# XPF-1-1/4
DescriptionNominal ID
Bundle Size Range
Minimum - Maximum
Ico-Flex Expandable Sleeve
XPF 1-1/4"
1.250 / 31.75.750-1.500 / 19.05-38.1011-12354


ICO-FLEX™ XPF is flame retardant & light weight, self-fitting, monofilament sleevings designed to encapsulate and protect cable bundles and wire assemblies. These expandable sleevings adjust to irregular surfaces and contours, providing abrasion resistance and protection with a minimum of bulk and weight.

UL File Number: E142828
Operating Temp. Range: -94F (-70C) to 250F (125C)
Flammability: VW-1
Standard Colors: Black
Sold Per Foot
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

Tech Data


Really like this product. I bought it for wire bundles but also used it to cover some exposed tubing. Terminate it with a piece of shrink tube. Works and looks great. I just ordered another 40’

February 14, 2019

Good Stuff...I used the 1/8 to protect the 5 conductor 24 ga trim wire routed from panel to wingtip and into Aileron. It took a few minutes to slide it through as the stuff acts like chinese finger cuffs.

Bob M
July 9, 2018

Alan C
December 7, 2017

Alan C
December 7, 2017

This sleeve acts as an excellent protective sleeve on wire bundles. I use it anywhere wires pass thru the firewall and on all critical wires. I would recommend cutting it with a hot knife blade so you actually melt thru it. If you cut it without the ends melting it will unravel pretty quickly. After installing it, I always encapsulate each end with heat shrink tubing.

May 11, 2017

So suggest you order a few feet of the stuff before ordering qty.. I found this wire sleeve unravels much to easily at the cut ends... Yes could safety wire the end ..or wrap in electrical tape to stop the fraying... Melt end via Flame??.. (Ouch) But... I thought the wire sleeve was the same as the wire sleeve found on Alcor CHT/EGT probes.. Which is really nice .. Have a call into Alcor to find what wire sleeve they use... Love Aircraft Spruce !!

Al K
February 25, 2016


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Q: What is the functional or protective temperature range of the expandable sleeving?

Per the supplier: "There is no actual "protective" temperature due to the fact it is a open weave product." We have added the Tech Data Sheet PDF to the "Tech Data" tab of the web page. This has all available technical information and should help answer your question.

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