TE SOLIS RING TONGUE TERMINAL 16-14 AWG .1.04-2.62MM .787MM 321684

Part# 11-18374
MFR Model# 321684
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AMP's solderless electrical terminals and splices meet and exceed today's requirements for reliable terminals in applications ranging from control circuits to heavy duty power wiring. A limited number of sizes and types of terminals and tools are featured in this catalog. Information and pricing on unlisted items furnished on request.


The barrel and tongue of these terminals are fabricated of the finest electrolytic copper and electro-tinned for optimum performance. The seam is brazed for uniform metal strength around the entire barrel area.
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


I take an appropriate color of shrink tubing, slide it on where the normal insulation would be, shrink it, and label it with a fine point Sharpie. More compact, color coding things makes life easier.

Denny F
May 23, 2023

Well, well, well, look who we have here - uninsulated ring terminals. If youre looking for a way to electrify your life (literally), these babies are the way to go. Let me tell you, theres nothing quite like the thrill of sticking your bare fingers into a nest of uninsulated ring terminals and hoping for the best. Its like playing Russian Roulette with your electrical system. But in all seriousness, these terminals are like the bad boys of the electrical world. They dont play by the rules. They dont need no stinkin insulation to get the job done. Theyre like the James Dean of electrical components - cool, aloof, and a little bit dangerous. But lets be real - if youre using uninsulated ring terminals, youre probably not the type to play it safe. Youre the kind of person who lives life on the edge, who takes risks, who doesnt mind the occasional jolt of electricity to remind them theyre alive. And hey, if youre looking to add a little excitement to your life, Id highly recommend these uninsulated ring terminals. Just be prepared for a few shocks along the way. But hey, thats the price you pay for living life on the edge.

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TE SOLIS RING TONGUE TERMINAL 16-14 AWG .1.04-2.62MM .787MM 321684

March 31, 2023

As advertised

Kurt L
July 15, 2020

Great product. I do wish it had the extended wire clamping design that also crimps the wire insulation. That type seem to hold the wire better. But with solder and heat shrink these work great.

November 24, 2019


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