Part# 12-00357
MFR Model# 011ERL
Tube O.D.DescriptionPart Number
EZ-BEADER TP885D12-00357


Compact design. Capable of tubing wall thickness from .035 to .065 thick.


I used the beader to make new beads on 5/8 I.D. formed tubes that came with an Airwolf oil filter kit. I suspect the tube supplied by Airwolf (which I had to shorten and therefore put a new bead on the cut end) is a fairly hard alloy of aluminum. The tool struggled a bit but with careful work and gradual step-ups in the amount of beading force applied, it did the job, made a useable bead. The joint does not leak. Nice tool, well made, struggles with hard tubes but prevails in the end.

Bob P
December 13, 2015

Great product and design - poor sales details - the 3/8 easy beading tool DOES NOT FIT with the standard wall thickness 3/8 AL fuel lines used in many/most aircraft. This was a waste of money for me, unless I want to drill out the fuel line to a thinner wall thickness to accept this tool.

Jonathan B
February 17, 2013

This is really the first substandard product I have received from Aircraft Spruce, and it is not up to aircraft standards - maybe OK for cars or plumbing. I definitely would not recommend it.

Roger O
March 26, 2017


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Q: Will the appropriate EZ-beader work on 1/2 5052-0 Al tubing, or is it just suitable for 3003 Al tubing?

Per the supplier: No, 5052-O tubing is too hard, it will break the tool.

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