Part# 13-04598
MFR Model# MALIBU310/S
Piper Aircraft
MALIBU 31013-04598


Checkmate Standard Checklist 6.5"x9" is the only checklist that contains virtually all data desired by pilots to fly the airplane while excluding the extraneous information which leads to inefficiency, confusion and even refusal to use. They eliminate the tedious and cluttered 15-page flip-book that pilots quickly become discouraged from using.

Checkmate contains the most comprehensive V-speed section in the industry. V-speeds are listed in Knots and MPH. Checkmate not only makes a dramatic difference in everyday use, but also in critical situations. Emergency procedures are right there! Every time! With most of the emergencies there is no time to flip pages looking for the correct procedures. Available for over 200 single and twin engine aircraft. All follow a standard format. Used by some of the best flight schools in the country. Checkmate checklists come in standard 6.5"x9" size

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Just what I needed.

September 3, 2020

I recently purchased a PA-32-301XTC (Cherokee 6XT). They only made 110 of these (of which only 45 are turbos) so I had no expectation of finding a checklist. I spent hours reading the POH and supplements and created a very detailed checklist which Ive been validating. Then I found that Checkmate had one for my aircraft. Based upon the reviews for other aircraft I had low expectations. Ive compared it to my checklist and found the Checkmate list to be detailed and correct. I only have one minor complaint - there is no Turbo Failure section in the Emergency Procedures. Highly recommended.

Doug W
September 29, 2019

very well laid out and perfect size

Anthony Y
January 18, 2019

Matched the original checklist almost exactly. Easy referenced speeds and emergency procedures, which also matched. Sturdy, easy to read, perfect knee board size.

Jeneanne V
September 18, 2018

A great checklist for your Piper Dakota (PA-28-236). The only thing keeping me from giving the checklist 5 stars is I wish it was a bit narrower to fit on a kneeboard better. Otherwise, a great checklist.

Robert A
December 2, 2020

My aircraft is actually a PA28-235B, but you did not have any checklists for my specific model. I found through inspection that the speeds and methodology were the same as my old checklist with the exception of being in knots vs mph. They both appear on the checklist, however in reverse order between the B & E models. Since my airspeed indicator is graduated in both scales, it is immaterial to SOF.

Dale A
February 8, 2018

Great checklist, including emergency procedures and all speeds. The graphic design could be improved to give it better over sight and improve readability.

July 1, 2017

Its a little hard to figure out what checklist goes with the right aircraft, even after contacting the manufacturer, but these are quality checklists with real convenience buit in.

Parrish C
April 3, 2017

Even though it says it’s a Malibu/520 cont checklist, there’s several lines really for Mirages. Not really worth while for the original. I’ll stick with my POH cutout and laminate that. The emergency flip side is useful.

September 1, 2019

While being a rather thorough checklist, you will find the quality to be quite lacking. The lamination peels apart and the paper in between falls apart. They typically last only a year with the planes before needing replacement.

Aircraft S
March 22, 2019


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Q: What year models (or serial number range) does the PA-32-300 checklist (P/N# 13-05486) apply to?

Per Vendor: P/N# 13-05486 checklist is not year specific.

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