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Part# GA5-375
MFR Model# D4-GA5-375
TypeModelOuter Panel ThicknessLengthABCPart No.
GA1271-5375.095 - .125.375.374.500.028GA5-375


A full grommet is used when protection of the hole is a definite consideration. It protects panel finish and reduces stud play. A tool is required for installation. The "GA" type full grommet is used with a protruding head stud, and the "GF" type with a flush head stud.
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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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I was in need of the Duzs grommets that I bought from Aricraft Spruce for a motorcycle project that Ive been working for the past couple of years. It has a full road race fairing on it and the fairing sections are held together with Duzs fasteners. In order to remove the Duzs fasteners for painting it destroys the grommets. After some searching on the internet I found the grommets I needed at Aircraft Spruce, at a resonable price. The order was placed and within a few days I had the grommets. Good service, fair price whats not to like???

Neil H
August 10, 2020


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Q: What is the tool used for installation of these full grommets and do you have it?

These will require a C-Clamp base tool, part number 12-02272.

Q: What grommet is used for a Fj4-35SS fastner?

You can use grommets GF4-125, 150, 175, 200 for this fastener.

Q: What grommet is used for AJ5-30 Fastener?

Full grommets: GA5-312, GA5-350, GA5-375

GP5B plastic grommet or GH5 for aluminum.

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