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S3-150 Type S Spring Receptacle Cad

Part# S3-150
MFR Model# D4-S3-150
Model No.Part No.


The dash number represents the height ("H" dimension) of the spring.

EXAMPLE: S3-150 = .150. All DzusŪ products are available. Request quote on unlisted items.
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


David D Verified Purchase

S3-150 Type S Spring Receptacle Cad

February 15, 2023

Great quality

Paul D Verified Purchase

S3-150 Type S Spring Receptacle Cad

December 24, 2021

Fit perfectly.

Paul Y
December 7, 2020

Took a long time to get to total quantity delivered.

Zachary E
January 10, 2020

Perfect fit. Arrived in a timely manner. Part # was a little bit of a challenge to figure out.

Alan H
October 22, 2019

Great specialty products and fast delivery!

Brian C
September 28, 2017


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Q: What does the A mean in the part number S5A-225?

The S5A-225 the ( A ) is for automatic. Designates the machine it went on at DFCI. Dimension-wise, they are the same. Southco purchased DFCI and own "Dzus" trade name.

Q: I am trying to cross reference a Southco PN D4-06-275 spring to your numbers.

It should be D4-S6-275 and our part number is S6A-275.

Q: What are the mounting hole dimensions of the springs?

.10 id and .647 center to center.

Q: I have mounting holes 1 3/8 center to center. What springs will work?

That would depend on what size studs you are using.

Q: What is the center to center of the S4-225? And were can I find all the center to center information?

3/4 of an inch. All the s4 will have the same center to center, just the height would be different.

Q: DZUS SPRINGS S5A-200, What is the wire thickness?

This measures to .082".

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