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Appstrap Conversion Kit

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Part# 13-12953
MFR Model# AS-CK


Turn any tablet into a kneeboard with our DIY kit!
  • Die cut velcro joint
  • Compatible with most covers/skins
  • Portrait or Landscape
  • Instantly share or stow
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


I wish Id bought this years ago. Excellent quality, comfortable & perfect for those who use something other than an iPad.

Chris S Verified Purchase


July 26, 2023

Hard to complain about this design or the price. I am using it with an iPad Pro (11 inch) and a cheap ($10) clear case with the velcro strip adhered to that. I love that I can hand my iPad to my CFI during flight and have her work on nav stuff if I am busy -- this is super helpful and a real safety bonus compared to a more traditional iPad kneeboard setup. The low profile also means that I do not hit the iPad with the yoke in a C172, even with the seat all the way up and forward during control checks. Because nothing covers or even touches the screen with this setup, you get great view of all portions of the display. Does it have some drawbacks? Yeah, it does -- the little wedge shaped pads tend to stick to the iPad and not the leg strap, which makes it a whole lot harder to re-attach the iPad after passing it to someone in flight, even worse when one stays put and the other follows the device. I found that I didnt really need the pads, so I just keep them in my flight bag. Also, if you were to (for some reason) stand up while wearing this kneeboard...I wouldnt trust the velcro to keep your tablet off of the cold hard pavement, especially with larger iPad models. I have been in some rather gnarly turbulence with it though, and never once worried about the iPad becoming an in-cabin missile -- it stayed exactly where it should. Hard to go wrong for the price -- minimal and low footprint.

Rowan F Verified Purchase


April 12, 2022


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