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Brightline B7 FLIGHT Flex Pilot Flight Bag

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Part# 13-23888
MFR Model# B7


The B7 FLIGHT is perhaps the most useful flight bag ever designed. It's a fact that some days you need more gear than others. The B7 lets you carry a full set of flight gear for cross country and basic IFR flight. And then it lets you downsize to a smaller bag for those days when you're just going to take a quick VFR flight.

The B7 FLIGHT is designed to hold one or two full-sized headsets plus a full suite of charts, and of course your iPad (or two), a handheld radio, plus all the small stuff you'll want along for the ride. It also serves as an unbeatable carry-on personal bag when traveling on commercial flights, or just as a terrific daily bag for a wide variety of personal and professional uses.

Storage on the B7 starts with the POCKET CAP FRONT: The POCKET CAP FRONT acts like the "hub" for your entire FLEX System. No matter which configuration you carry you'll be attaching the POCKET CAP FRONT to one end of your bag. And it's the "hub" because it holds all the important small stuff and tech stuff and personal stuff that you want with you no matter what. If you change configurations, you'll always move the POCKET CAP FRONT to the new configuration which means you'll always have all this key stuff with you, without any repacking or reloading.

The B7 FLIGHT come with two side pockets: The SIDE POCKET ECHO, which is a totally unique insulated adjustable water bottle pocket, and a SIDE POCKET FOXTROT, which is our large fully zipper-enclosed pocket that can hold almost anything, including a large "brick" handheld radio.


The B7 does NOT include a SLIM HANDLE KIT. (If you ever think you'd like to remove both of the Center Sections and zip just the two End Caps together to make the B0 SLIM, you'll need to make sure you also order an SLIM HANDLE KIT.)

Note that there is no pricing advantage with a preconfigured bag. The total price of a preconfigured bag is exactly the same as adding up the cost of all the included parts. So feel free to add and subtract Parts to customize your bag as you see fit and the pricing will come out exactly the same. The CS4 and CS3 provide seven inches of storage depth (4+3=7, hence the name, "B7"), but keep in mind that there is also three thin flat storage areas BETWEEN the four modules for additional slim storage. (Remember, it is a soft bag so it can expand slightly in every direction.) Keep in mind also that you can add any other Center Section to the B7 (like zip a CS2 in between the CS3 and CS4) to add more storage on certain days. Any FLEX System module can zip onto any other FLEX System module. The Main Compartments of both the CS4 and CS3 have locking zipper sliders.

The B7 FLIGHT will very commonly be used to carry two full-sized aviation headsets of any brand inside the CS4. (There is a nice, slightly-tricky way to place two large headsets - like the BOSE A20 - inside this space. Just "intertwine" the ear cups in opposite directions. It's really nice to fit two headsets of any kind in such a relatively small space.) There is a specially-designed pocket on top of the CS4 to hold Sunglasses and their case. And then the CS3 will be used to hold a library of charts, or a iPad in it's bulky case, plus kneeboard, etc. A small collection of charts or flight docs can go in the spaces between the four modules. Surprisingly, a 13" Ultrabook or MacBook Pro can even fit into this "in between" space, and the iPad (or other tablet) can go in the main pocket on the FLAT CAP REAR.

The B7 FLIGHT also works amazingly well as a daily personal bag and/or as a commercial carry-on bag. A 13" laptop plus a load of documentation plus an iPad, plus all the small stuff like cables, adapters batteries, and support stuff for all your technology, your digital camera, snacks, etc - all of this fits easily in this bag. Even your noise-reduction headset for those long flights.

The other great thing about this bag is that it is actually FOUR bags for the price of one. Not only is it a B7 FLIGHT, but you can remove the CS3 and end up with the B4 SWIFT as a result. Or you can remove the CS4, leaving the CS3 between the end caps and have a nice compact personal bag (which could be called a "B3"). But you can also build a B0 SLIM by removing both center sections and zipping just the two End Caps together. (In this case, don't forget to order an SLIM HANDLE KIT.)
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


Size Interior of CS3: 13.5" tall, 10.0" wide, 3.0 inches deep. (34cm x 25cm x 7.6cm)
Interior of CS4: 13.5" tall, 10.0" wide, 4.0 inches deep. (34cm x 25cm x 10.2cm)
Exterior of entire bag: 14" tall, 13" wide, 10.5" deep. (36cm x 33cm x 27cm) (Including side pockets)
Keep,in mind that the bag material is flexible, so the size of the interior,storage may be able to "stretch" out just a bit in one direction or,another. Also keep in mind that over-stuffing your bag can cause seam or,material failure, and this is not covered by warranty.
Empty Weight 6.0 lbs. (1.7 kg)
Total Number Of Available Flex System Side Pockets Two. (One FLEX-Mount side pocket station on each side of the CS4. None on the CS3.)
Total Volumetric Storage Inside the CS3 = 405 cubic inches. (6460 cubic cm)
Inside the CS4 = 540 cubic inches. (8670 cubic cm)
(And, of course, the three narrow spaces between the four modules can accommodate some small amount of flat stuff.)
Modular Expansion Capability Unlimited. You can add any of the other FLEX System modules to this bag,,in any order, to make a bag as big or as small as you need on any given,day.
Embroidery Options The top front pocket cover of the POCKET CAP FRONT module can be removed to make it easy to add custom embroidery. Just remove this pocket cover and hand it directly to your current embroidery provider. (We don't offer any embroidery service.)

In The Box

  • Pocket Cap Front
  • CS3 - Center Section
  • CS4 - Center Section
  • Flat Cap Rear
  • Side Pocket Echo
  • Side Pocket Foxtrot
  • Main Handle
  • Shoulder Strap
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I just love it. Great way to travel with all your stuff without the clutter and digging through a pile. Just have to remember the right compartment its in.

Michael A
March 15, 2018


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Q: What does the Brightline B7 Pilot Flight Bag weigh?

Per the manufacturer, the Brightline B7 weighs 7.25 lbs.

Q: Regarding the Brightline B7 Flex Pilot Flight Bag: Can the horizontal divider in the main bag be moved and removed or is it fixed in position?

Yes, the divider can be moved within the bag or removed all together.

Q: Is the color of this Brightline B7 Pilot Bag black?

Yes, this bag is black.

Q: Is the B7 made using genuine leather?

No, this not a leather bag. It is nylon.

Q: What are the differences between the b7 models? Mainly the flex and the echo?

The echo comes with a j hook handle and a bottle holder.