Brightline Center Section Two - Tall

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Part# 13-21551


The CS2-Tall is designed for carrying 15" laptops, iPads etc.

This center section is 15 x 10.5 x 2" and it can attach to all of the FLEX System modules including other center sections.

This item does not include a Main Handle or Shoulder Strap. If building a custom bag, make sure your order includes one or both.

The CS2-Tall can be used in any configuration and is not designed to be used by itself due to the possibility of damaging the exposed zippers. You will always want to have something (either another module or an End Cap) zipped onto both sides of the CS2-Tall to protect the zippers.

NOTE: This Center Section opens towards the rear. See the additional image in the GALLERY tab. The CS2-Tall was designed to be a secondary Center Section in a configuration that included the CS4 as the primary Center Section. This means the CS4 has the POCKET CAP FRONT attached to its front surface and the CS4 opens towards the front. Therefore, since the CS2 is attached to the CS4, then the CS2-Tall is set up to open towards the rear. The FLAT CAP REAR will most commonly be attached to the rear surface of the CS2-Tall. The point being, that if you use the CS2-Tall by itself (like in the B2 COMPUTE), the POCKET CAP FRONT will indeed be attached to the front surface of the CS2-Tall, but the opposite surface (the rear surface) is the one that acutally has the cover panel that opens up the compartment and this rear cover panel will typically have the FLAT CAP REAR attached to it.

The Main Compartment of the CS2-Tall has locking zipper sliders.

The CS2-Tall can be added to any configuration to add roughly an extra two inches of storage for your 15" laptop or other similarly-sized objects. Simply zip the CS2-Tall into a B0 Slim to create a B2-Tall, or added to B4, B6, B7, B18 to get added storage for your 15" laptop, iPad, or folders and documents.

The CS2-Tall is padded on all sides. It is an adequate amount of padding for basic protection. It is not heavily padded, so you'll want to carry sensitive items with a normal amount of care.



Perfect bag I made one modification by adding closed cell foam to the inside bottom to provide protection to my laptop

Tim H Verified Purchase


November 6, 2021


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