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Brightline B2 Compute Flex System Bag

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Part# 13-11848
MFR Model# B02


Perfect for a 13" laptop or tablet computer as well as accessories and paperwork. Includes Shoulder Strap and Main Handle.

The B2 Compute is the FLEX System computer bag and is perfect for anyone who wants a small, efficient 13 computer bag. The B2 consists of the End Cap Front, a Center Section 2, and a End Cap Rear.

The outside dimensions of the B2 is 13.5 x 10.5 x 3.5. (Remember, it is a soft bag so it can expand slightly in every direction.) See the SPECS tab for Inside dimensions.

Storage on the B2 starts with the Front End Cap.

The Front End Cap has nine exterior pockets which gives you lots of ways to separate and organize all the little things that go along with a computer such as power cords, chargers, batteries, backup drives, USB drives, digital cameras, smart phones, tools, keys, etc.

Next, comes the CS2 (2" Center Section), which is designed to hold 13 laptops (Many, but not all, 14" laptops will also fit.) The CS2 can be accessed by opening the two zippers that open the entire rear panel, exposing a gray interior.

And finally, the Rear End Cap has three flat pockets that allows you to store your items. The main outside pocket with a flap for your iPad, todays charts, documents. The vertical-zippered slip pocket for manuals. And the flat half-height slip pocket for your checklist or boarding pass.

This bag also includes the Portfolio Handle which can be attached to the Front End Cap. This handle will only be used when you decide to remove the CS2 and zip the Front End Cap and the Rear End Cap together to make a "Portfolio Bag". The Portfolio Handle is not strong enough to carry the entire B2.

If you are looking for a small, flexible, efficient Computer bag, look no further than the B2 Compute.

California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: The product may contain and/or expose you to a chemical(s) or substance(s) which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Flex System

Customers can now build their own utility bag based on their needs, and then reconfigure the bag when their needs change. They will no longer have to pack repack and reload their gear when they need more storage or less storage. The "FLEX" System is versatile enough to handle any situation from VFR, to IFR, to overnight, to a two-week trip. Simply switch around sections and pockets, and go on your way.

The B2 Compute starts with the 2 Center Section, which is designed to hold 13 laptops. Add a Front and Rear End Cap and you have an extraordinary laptop bag. The Front End Cap allows you to store items such as power cords, backup drives, flash drives, digital cameras, smart phones, tools, keys, etc. Meanwhile, the Rear End Cap allows you to store your manilla folders and documents. This can be used daily or you can attach the 2 Center Section to any other FLEX module. For example, you can zip it in between the Front Bag and the Rear Bag when traveling.

This bag also includes the Portfolio Handle which can be attached to the Front End Cap. This will only be used when you decide to remove the Center Section Two and zip the Front End Cap and the Rear End Cap together to make a "Portfolio Bag".

Note: The new FLEX system is brand new. It is a different size and has different zippers that are designed to fit the pieces of the system. Because of this, FLEX System pieces will not fit with pre FLEX Brightline Bags. They will only fit on the new FLEX System. FLEX System pieces all have a small tag denoting they are part of the FLEX System. The new FLEX System bags include B2, B6, B10, B16, and B25.


The B2 COMPUTE is made up of three pars: Front Endcap, 2" Center Section, Rear Endcap

The largest component in the B2 Compute bag is the 2" Center Section (shown above). Interior dimensions of the CS2 are approximately 13.0 x 9.5 x 2.0.

The CS2 is padded on all sides. It is an adequate amount of padding for basic protection. It is not heavily padded, so you'll want to carry sensitive items with a normal amount of care.This compartment is large enough to fit clipboards, manilla folders, as well as any 13" (and even some 14") laptops.

Keep in mind that the bag is soft and it can expand in any direction by a small amount.

An inherent feature of this (and all FLEX) configuration(s) is the built-in additional storage space that naturally occurs BETWEEN the modules that are zipped together. For example, on the B2, you get an additional "pocket" between the Front End Cap and the CS2, and another narrow "pocket" between the CS2 and the Rear End Cap. These "pockets" are full-sized, so clipboards, manilla folders, and even thin laptops (like the MacBook Air) can fit in here.

The dimensions shown to the left give you an idea of the basic size of the B2. Keep in mind that it's a soft bag, so things can stretch and bulge and expand. Slightly larger items than you might think can possibly fit.

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Wow, I love the Brightline B2 Flex System Bag. So much fun transferring my flying papers & gear to my newly assembled bag. Already looking at the next component I need to add. Very impressed with the high quality and versatility. Thanks to Aircraft Spruce for getting it to me so quickly.

Steve B
July 19, 2018


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