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Superior Panel Technology has developed a brighter, wide-angle LED Light strip with your choice of RED, GREEN, or WHITE for aircraft panel illumination. The 39 LED light strip includes 60 wide-angle LEDs. The LED light strips are adaptable for both 14V and 28V aircraft and can be cut to length as needed (every third LED). When on full power, the LEDs produce a nice flood light that is amazingly bright and produce enough light to read charts.

The LEDs are fully dimmable using the SPT Pulse-Width-Modulation (PWM) dimmer that was specifically designed for the low current draw LEDs. The dimmer allows for a gradual dimming without the brightness steps often found in dimmers not designed for low current draw items. The very compact dimmer is only 1 wide and is VERY easy to wire. There is a + (power in), - (ground) and terminal for power out to the lights! You can choose to have an internal circuit breaking off switch in the dimmer or a dimmer without a circuit breaking off switch (normally only used when a master lighting switch is used to cut power to multiple dimmers. See article in the document section on "Choosing the Correct Dimmer".

Aircraft Spruce and SPT have worked together to offer a discount on the LED Light Strip and PWM Dimmer when purchased as a package.

The SPT LED Light Strips also pass the FAA burn test 14CFR 23.853 (a) and a copy of the burn test results is included with the light strips.
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Excellent backup light. Had it installed in a Cessna 182 and a 421C, always with the battery backup option. When it is installed in the airplane, under the glareshield, make sure the lights can not be seen by the pilot, they are very bright and will be blinding.

Sergey C
December 7, 2018

After reading the directions and visually inspecting the lighting kit while in the package. I decided that the soldering required was too delicate for my eyes and hands. I cannot comment on the function.

Craig S
August 21, 2018

Installed in 182T, very good, bright lights. Installed the backup battery pack also.

Sergey C
April 23, 2018


Q: Does this kit come with an STC to do the 337 form or is it not needed?

The LED light strips are not STC'd and a 337 should be obtained for certified aircraft. This light strip does pass the FAA 23.853 burn test and a copy of the test results are included with each light strip.

Q: Are these FAA Approved for use in certified aircraft?

No, these are not FAA Approved.

Q: Will the dimmer on its lowest setting effectively render the light off or is a switch required to turn the light off?

Two dimmer options are available. The dimmer option "with-off switch" does have a built-in circuit breaking internal switch that does break the circuit. The dimmer without the off switch will fully dim the lights, however, the circuit will still be active (similar to all of the MaxDim dimmers). This option can be chosen in situations where there is a master lighting switch that breaks the circuit.

Q: Will the lights function with the MaxDim dimmer that is already installed in my airplane?

Yes, this light strip should work just fine with the MaxDim dimmer.

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