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Custom Fit Cowl Plugs - Cut To Fit

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Part# 13-02645


Note: These cowl plugs are cut by the end user to fit their aircraft and are not pre-cut.

Do it yourself from this kit containing two 12" x 12" x 1" yellow closed cell foam , flag, buttons, strap & template stock.

High visibility yellow closed cell foam will not retain moisture and are joined by a nylon strap with a fluorescent orange "Remove Before Flight" flag.


perfect. thx

November 16, 2020

The cowl plugs worked out perfect. Could not find custom cowl plugs for a Cessna 303 at a reasonable price but these turned out great

Timothy A
March 30, 2020

If you dont mind a bit of work cutting and sanding to the exact shape needed, I 100 percent would recommend. Also I was pleasantly surprised to find the toughness of the foam.

Josiah S
June 9, 2019

I installed the plugs on my Beech Sundowner. I cut them slightly larger, about 3/16 larger with my band saw. The fit is snug. The instructions are easy to follow and it took me about 20 minutes. I recommend this product.

Ettore P
May 15, 2017

Great product easy to use. Fast delivery as promised.

Joseph A
March 2, 2018

Does the job, and not too expensive. Pay attention to the instructions, they do need to be cut out a hair over-sized - actually a nice compression fit. For my PA28-140, I did have to cut a relief section out of the back on the co-pilot side and overall fitting does require some finesse. Wont win any beauty contests on close examination, but from a short distance they look fairly sharp. Id recommend!

July 20, 2016

I just got these as I purchased a plane and did not have any cowl plugs. I foam is dense and flexible so it should work fine. Installation is fairly straight forward. Instruction tell you to trim to size with scissors. You will need very sharp and heavy duty ones if even they would work. I ended up using a sharp utility knife. It is a bit rough around the edges as such. Perhaps a hacksaw blade would work better to trim your way around would be cleaner.

Kurt H
January 21, 2021


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