Airgizmos Wheel Chocks

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Part# 13-04298


These chocks are unique because they are stackable. This feature really cuts down on the amount of space required to carry them in the plane.

The durable plastic sides are lightweight, but are made to take a lot of abuse. There is space on the sides to put your airplane's n-number (you supply the vinyl lettering).

The edges of these chocks are made of non-skid material, so they stay where you put them. They also won't damage anything else in your baggage compartment.


  • Height: 2 In at one end, 2-1/4" in middle, 2-1/2" at other end
  • Length: 8.0 In
  • Weight: 3.2 Oz (Each)

In The Box

  • 2 Wheel Chocks


light, compact, and work as advertised.

Warren B Verified Purchase


June 9, 2022

Very compact and light. I improved them by adding a rope to connect them.

Eric T Verified Purchase


March 30, 2022

These are cheesy little chocks. too light to stay in place with the angled design. I think youre better off to cut a 2/2 in half.

William C Verified Purchase


February 15, 2022

Nice and light

Richard L Verified Purchase


July 9, 2021

Air gizmo chocks are just right for small plane. Very light weight and take up very little room.

David C
September 14, 2020

These are great! I bought them to be lightweight, travel chocks to keep in the baggage compartment, but they’re great in the hangar too! I’ll probably get a second set to keep in the plane.

Matt S
May 25, 2020

Havent used them yet but I am sure they will be fine. I really like the light weight, the no slip edges and stackable storage for our tight cockpit and storage area

Gary D
April 6, 2019

They work great and light weight too! I’ve had numerous pilots ask…hey those are cool where did you get them? Aircraft spruce of course where do you normally shop? Haha, great product and worth the money

Sherman C
December 15, 2018

Work well for indoor storage. The are however very light. I had parked my airplane outside for about 5 hours one day in 10kt winds to find that one of the chocks slipped loose and moved about 6 feet.

November 2, 2018

Light weight and perfect size .

Patrick B
April 28, 2018


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Q: Are these sold individually or in one pair? Part Number 13-04298

These are priced and sold as a pair (set of two).

Q: How tall are the AirGizmos Wheel Chocks?

These chocks are 8" tall.

Q: I think the previous answer might be mis-stated. Is the height really 8"?

No, you are correct. The last answer was incorrect. The chocks are 8" in length. The height varies from one end to the other. They are 2" at the shorter end, 2-1/4" in middle, 2-1/2" at other end.

Q: How close do the Airgizmos wheel chocks stack in together? I.e. how much sticks out when together.

The one chock will stick out approximately 2-1/2" when nested together.

Q: Are these sold individually or in one pair? Part Number 13-04298

These are priced and sold as a pair (set of two).

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